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Finally, Fall season is here!

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Finally tonight with House MD's premiere, the fall season is starting! I'm looking forward to it.. let's see in my watching list there are:

1) House MD

2) Desperate Housewives

3) The Simpsons

4) Lie to me

5) Castle (maybe.. it depends, I haven't decided yet)

So.. cannot wait for House to start, what are you guys gonna watch? what are you most excited for?

PS: Please DO NOT SPOILER if you leave a comment.. ;)

Good shows who need to be renewed!!!

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Hi funny people!!! (lol was tired of beginning with "hi guys") :) well well well here we are again.. this is the time of the year where the future of some of our faves shows is hanging on a balance.. Here's what I think about some of this shows:

Lie to me: WOW! I really like this show.. the actors are good and the idea is very clever and fresh.. the ratings are pretty good (you know considering it's on FOX). Basically this is a show about House's theory "Everybody lies".. the Lightman group is asked to find out if certain people are telling the truth or not.. Sometimes -well most of the time actually- is involved a homicide so.. yeah it has it all!! 9/10 :)

Better off Ted: I know I know I already posted a blog about this show.. But I cannot believe ABC is actually letting him die!!! It's funny! I never laughed THAT hard while watching a show.. plus the good thing is that the episodes are 20 minutes long.. and there is no storyline so there is no need to watch the eps in order to get them! :lol: 10/10

Flash Forward: Ok it's not the new Lost.... Ok I'll give you that.. but since it came back after the loooong winter break the episodes are actually more interesting and you know they get you really hooked! ABC's mistake was telling "Ehy watch FF, it's the new Lost..". Come on give it another try.. it's worth it.. 8,5/10

Well.. I guess that's it for now.. If you are interested in some of these shows.. well go and see their pages here on!!! :D

Not the funny one I promised but STILL an hilarious one!

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Hi guys!!! I know I promised a fun blog in a short time but it turns out I actually have very little time right now (due to the studying :( and stuff!!!) So since I don't really like disappointing people here's some links I pointed out from the internet.. I think they are really funny too!!! :) So enjoy these ones for now!!!! I promise I'll post the fun blog as soon as I have a little time!!! :)

I wanna work here!!!!!

I really miss the gang!


Stop (lol referring to Edie) spreding the news...

New symbol!

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Hi guys!! I got this new emblem on (duh!) cos' I FINALLY GOT TC for the best show since... SLICED BREAD!!! :lol: Yeah.. I was talking about Friends!!! I took me a year I guess.. but then again I must say it's totally worth it! It's one of the best guide in the site!!!! That's just it!!! :lol: But I give you a preview.. I'm planning to do a FUNNY blog in the next days!!! See ya!

Why good shows are not having what they deserve???

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Hi guys!!!! There is this show I'm watching: Better off Ted , and in my opinion, is a really good show.. it makes you laugh, it's clever and it has soo many levels. I don't get why the ratings of this show keeps falling.. any idea??? My advice? Give it a shot while you still can.. Believe me it's one of the best comedy out there..

See ya next year!

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Hi fellas! you may not see a lot of me till january 1st or 2nd.. so I guess I should say now: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! happy 2010.. and for the Friends fans as Joey would say "HAPPY NO.... YEAR"!!!!!!!!!


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Yay.. I'm now on level 32: Whammy! That's cool and I really like the icon for this level, and that's a good thing cos' it'll take years for me to get to the next level LOL!!!! Anyone knows anyway what "Whammy!" means or even what's show it's referred to??? Thanks for commenting guys! see ya later!

Alert!!! Editor on the way!!!!

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YAY!!!! Just wanna say I became an editor again!!!! Only a quick blog today! YAY this time is for Grace Kelly!!!!!!! SOOOOOOO GLAD!!! next blog coming with first impressions about the season premieres I'm fallowing!! SEE YA GUYS!!!