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How Long ... ?

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Wow it's been a while since I wrote here .... Anyways I been busy as my last posts suggest I now have a small group who are effectively a development team, we are currently working on  a new Survival Horror game where the idea is to survive and sneak past the undead rather than engage them, at it's very foundation How Long will be survival, we are thinking of allowing the crafying of crude traps that will slow or in some cases kill a pursuer.

The second major difference will be the day/night cycle and the second of set of deadly enemies that are much harder to outsmart than the regular shambling undead. This will add a second level of survival and a new test to the point it may pus players to simply stay indoors and wait out the night cycle. 

Leyton City

Of course the twist been we have a reason to go out at night, as a certain objective will result in the aquisition of one of the only useful weapons in the game, we will have guns but they will rareloy have a full clip and firing even a single shot could be your undoing. The reason for this is guns are noisy and noise will always attract the undead. 

The game will also some interesting collectibles and some unique rewards for supporting the game in its production.

Leyton Times

So if your intrigued and want to learn more then you can do so at several locations.

Steam Greenlight Page



And we have a little survey up that we would appreciate you taking time to answer for us.


I will of course provide more information as the project rolls along, for the moment it's in the testing hase with the prototype built and mechanics been tested and fleshed out.

Games Development

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I have just started work on a Game Design course with Train2Game and will be working toward a degree in Game Design. In doing so I found a side effect to be that I have made a few friends and we have teamed up to bring a brand new exclusive IP title.

A zombie game with a difference I wont be letting too much slip only that the game will provide a challenge for gamers of any level. I have also made two or three small games that can be found on the Devils Inc website.

M A Games

These games are simple scrollers or point and click adventures.

The reason I decided to do such a course was simple Im a very passionate gamer, just look at my gaming tag as proof of how much time and effort I put into games as a whole.

PSN Gamercards

I decided I wanted to turn a passion into a career and having a rather never say die attitude I spent hours on google check the credentials of this course, it has ALOT of bad press but google tends to display negative long before it displays positive if you take time to watch various videos from the site itself youll realise that it as a good an opportunity as youre going to get.

This isnt a sales pitch either merely a personal observation, but as mentioned above I have made some good friends and we are now knee deep in development of our own independent title. I will from tiem to time update you on the status or you can follow along on ourFacebook Page.

Resident Evils Idea

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Firstly the game does need to be taken back to its roots, back to what scared the crap out of me at am on a cold dark night back in 1999. So here goes.

Lets go back to what made Resident Evil, the game we all remember lets go back to Raccoon City, set the game between the events of the Mansion from RE and before they blow it to high hell in RE: Nemesis. But lets go big lets make it open world, let players explore the WHOLE of Raccoon City as they fit, I mean think about it, theres always been rooms and buildings players wanted to explore, I know back alleys and allotments always intrigued me but the damn edge of map got in the way and stopped me nosing around!  

Think about it, that block of flats a house could be hoarding a decent ammo stash, but then again there could be dozens upon dozens of undead waiting to ambush me, (Or a super breed packing a damn chainsaw  I also know they arent Zombies, beside the point Im trying to make). I could be clearing out room by room but are they dead? I punched a full clip into that big zombie only for him to ambush me as I walk back along the corridor to head up to the next level.

Adding to this you see something skitter over the busted floorboards above is it a dog? We all remember our first encounter? Maybe worse still its a licker creeping, stalking waiting for you or worse yet those darn hunters waiting to bite you in half. Either way you have to go up if you want that ammo? Who knows maybe Nemesis is waiting for you?

But you see the horror is not only going up but coming back as well (as mentioned just because they look dead, doesnt mean they are), unless you fancy jumping off the roof? Open world would add a lot more to the game, there could be a story of the survivors banding together creating random moments of co-op, or Claire and Leon teaming up to escape again, the idea is endless with the characters over all the series.

Stick the crack team trying to end you into the mix (aka Agent mode from RE: 6) and youve got a whole new level of game play. Allotments, houses, blocks of flats, the police station, the hospital we all enjoyed these locations. A broken down bar (Theres one in 3 right?) Even add an element of ferrying survivors to an extraction point for the military to extract them, before they consider Raccoon City a loss at least. The options are endless.

I believe Capcom can learn lessons from their own games, including their Dead Rising Series. If your out of ammunition your not going to scrabble about for ammunition in weapons you dont have, youre going to pick something hard and heavy and bludgeon those dead things to dead. At least before diving into that house over the road with the light on.

Im sure fans have an endless trove of ideas that can be added to this but there it is my idea! Bring back the survival and the horror will bring itself.

Zombies (Ate My Neighbours)

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It's probably one of the very first Zombie games I ever played, way back in 1990 something, but I'll come back to this.

Released in 1994 under the name of Zombies ate my Neighbours in Japan and the USA and simply Zombies in other territories, release under the Konami name and created by Lucas Arts, it was released on both the SNES and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive.

Zombies is a run and gun adventure in which you take control of either Zeke or Jill, ironically I could never do the game with Zeke he always seemed to slow and clumsy in comparison to the more nimble Jill, I suspect this theory is only in my head but it was there to me.

Zombies is one of those games if you played it you loved it and if you didnt you couldnt understand why those that did do. An odd analogy I know but it seems to be truth. It is often now referred to as a cult classic and for Nintendos Virtual Console was one of the most widely requested games. Really wish they would add it to the Sega Classics Collection because then I could play it on my PS3, but alas they didnt and Im getting off topic.

You find yourself in a world as usual overrun by all kinds of unsavoury beasts and ghouls from Zombies to 16ft killer babies, werewolves and Alien dropping UFOs and its just you and a whole arsenal of weapons one would never imagine have ANY effect on the foes of the undead. But when it comes to the end of the world what can we really expect? And to add to that its left to you to save those who have survived from cheerleaders to the man next door and his BBQ, or his little tiny crawling baby. It soon adds a layer of strategy when trying to save all of those, there are 10 in each level and some can be tricky to get to, though I have never managed to keep all 10 alive in every level I do usually end with at least 5 alive per level.

When you start you have nothing more than a water pistol? Seriously where did they come up with this? A water gun against zombies? However as you progress you gain access to fire extinguishers, exploding soda can grenades and even a football and bubble gum gun. All aiding you in your pursuit of the truth, or at least an end to the torture.

The good thing about this game is unlike newer generation games if you dont have a key to unlock a particular door, but do happen to posses the wicked bazooka you can merely blast open the door to retrieve the goodies inside, a strategy I employed many times. Sometimes it is just safer than retrieving the key.

For those who find it hard to understand liken it to the newer generation Dead Rising another game subsequently I adore, the only difference is Dead Rising is a little less tongue in cheek than Zombies. But the 16 bit colourful graphics leave you dreading each new area, especially areas like the hedge maze which leaves you having to run away from huge lumbering lumberjacks who only want to slice you into itty bitty pieces.

Or the night level which leaves you wanting to run from the quick moving werewolves, which if you dont have any knives and forks (also known as silverware) they can make very light work of you.

So when we boil it down to basics, as a younger boy I had to sit patiently through 48 levels of sheer torture each more brutal and terrifying than the last, each set to torment me, each leaving me wondering when the hell I could stand up and breathe a sigh of relief because I had finally beaten the game, it took me a while, but in the end I won.

But once you finally beat the mastermind Dr. Tongue and the credits roll you are treated to a bonus level which each of the strange characters is one of the developers and give you random information about the game. Its a great game and great fun all-round.

I have also learnt that the game is to be turned into a movie ... see cult classic, lets hope they do a decent job with it.

Dead Island Defence

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Ok so I figured I?d be the defense for this game seeing how it seems to get torn apart at every turn, granted the game is rather buggy, quite a bit in some places and some of the game doesn?t seem to work correctly, if you are able to look past these it is actually a damn good game. I have enjoyed playing this game very much over the last few months. The game is driven both by story and action as well as the visuals.

So much so I actually managed to achieve the Platinum trophy for the PS3. The easiest way to do this is to do the online trophies first, the Originality trophy is a nightmare, I had to sit with my Purna game loaded then get to the Lifeguard Station and open up the lobby, and then simply keep refreshing until a suitable match came up. It took a while but I eventually got it, only to be kicked for having no mic, not that I care I was only there for that trophy. Once you have done these 4 I suggest to turn off the network capabilities, it makes the game harder and requires a little more patience but it will reduce the majority of trophies from ?glitching? I don?t know why it fixes this but it does. I found some trophies were taking upwards of an hour to unlock after I had attained the necessary requirements for them. Turn PSN off and they pop almost instantly.

The game is visually stunning; some of the views are simply spectacular. Especially under High Definition and Techland and Deep Silver went to town on making the Island of Banoi almost real to ones imagination, you see the island and you want to be there, (at least until you run into the zombie hoard) the zombies are intuitive and this makes them not so easy to put down, with various types from slow shambling Walkers to the fast and deadly Butchers of the Jungle. These are then backed by vomit spewing floaters, and the going to crush you in an instant straight jacketed Rams. And as if that isn?t bad enough you have human elements who won?t simply stand there and let you slice them up, they will hide in cover and open up with various guns and rifles. The game will always provide a challenge.

As you battle through the four key areas of Banoi from the beautiful beach side resort, to the dilapidated and run down city, then you entire the lush and deadly jungle before heading off to the international prison of the island. You will find visuals stunning and challenges to keep your heart and mind racing. Before, you can finally confront the mastermind of your whole ordeal.

I find the quickest and easiest way of dealing with White is to use the battle before hand to charge your rage meter then, when you take on White simply unleash and unload to end the battle rather unspectacularly, it is anti climatic but it saves time and unnecessary deaths.

But seriously considering this is the companies first attempt at FPS gaming and they built the Chrome 5 engine from the ground up they were bound to make a few mistakes, some which they fixed in various patches and others not so much, when the game works it works well and the 4-way drop in drop out co-op was new introduced by them. They had many elements that had to be dropped from the game just to get it to work, including separate stories for each of the main 4. Apparently it got too complex and they had to cut it down in the interest of time and size.

But seriously if you can look past the games broken bits it is a damn fine game, and the 4-way co-op is a nice concept if it works ok for you, but to un-glitch the trophies you need to play the single player trophies alone, I know this works as I have platted the game myself.

The Long Debated Final Fantasy VII Remake

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So I'm annoyed by a certain friend who never bothers to pay attention to anything I say these days, and his more than superior attitude starts to grate after a while, so I'm going to rant and vent into a topic I feel especially free to share with you folks.

This been the debate of the Final Fantasy VII remake, me personally would love to see this as would several hundred thousand other fans in what would surely be an epic money maker for Square Enix? I've seen copies of the orginal game still going for retail of £60 and above even so high as to see several for over a whopping £150 makes sense to buy the cheaper PC version in most cases but thats a whole different issue, you see in truth we have already seen what an upped polygon count can do to the age old graphics of Final Fantasy VII, take Final Fantasy VII - Dirge of Cerebus in which the vncent model was made and updated or the re modelled Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, and of course the Final Fantasy VII opening sequence that was done using the PS3 engine all proving it can be done should Square-Enix choose to.

But then you have to look at other points such as the man power required would endoubtedly take talented developers away from other more pressing projects as they must continue to move forward, and if you look they would probably have to redsign the game from the ground up as so many things have changed, but they remade Final Fantasy V for the DS so this proves they are willing to do the work.

I personally though FInal Fantasy VII was the best in the series once I eventually got my head around so many things to consider, I enjoyed the story, I felt pained when poor Aeris dies, I felt elation going into the final battle with Sephiroth, dealing the final stirke to start the end movie after an epic 37 minute tactical battle and ... my power tripped out feeling lost and hurt I refused to play the game for about a month after that. Had I not have taken the time off I wouldn't have discovered my love for Resident Evil.

Anyway my point been the game engages you and it's stood as the corner stone of Final Fantasy for 15 years now. Again giving square enix a chep cash in point as a remastered 15th anniversary edition :) There are so many things going on it's easy to get lost I spent over 130 hours in my second run of the game in which I collected every bit of materia including all master materias.

We should lay of Square in pressuring them for a remake but we all want it, we all know we want it and personally I think it's an under the radar project that is well under way as they know without a doubt it will sell and break records, it would bury Call of Duty, Gran Turismo, Grand Theft Auto sales record without so much as batting an eye lid. Square KNOW it will make them money and make them money quickly, but they have to focus on other projects for the moment, with Final Fantasy XV just around the corner and the reboot of Tomb Raider in hand Square are still findamentally one of the most solid game developers in the world.

2012 Games Completion List

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03-01-2012 -- Uncharted 3
07-01-2012 -- Back to the Future - Episode 1
09-01-2012 -- Back to the Future - Episode 2
21-01-2012 -- Back to the Future - Episode 3
23-01-2012 -- Plant Vs. Zombies (PSN)
24-01-2012 -- Resident Evil 4 HD
06-02-2012 -- Back to the Future - Episode 4
11-02-2012 -- Dead Rising 2 : Off The Record
22-02-2012 -- Saw : The Game
30-02-2012 -- Dark Souls
14-05-2012 -- Red Dead Redemption : Undead Nightmare

Been quite a slow year for me oddly enough, But i have earn't myself a whopping 3 Platinums this year on Saw, Dark Souls and finally Dead Space. So Until I get my hands on Resident Evil : Opperation Raccoon City & Resident Evil 6 It'll pretty much stay as it is for now. Or until I re-instate my Lovefilm * PS+ subscriptions. But 11 Games in 5 months isn't too bad.

Console Gripes

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So I've been following a few sites for a few years now and they have a relatively good reputation with rumours I mean I know these are merely rumours but it seems both Sony and Microsofts next gen console will feature new anti piracy systems and anti second hand systems.

Ok firstly I cannot afford almost £50 a pop per new release (On average there are between 2 and 6 games I want a year) I get one full game a year if I'm good for christmas, I have family so money is prioritised everywhere else, of course I know I'm not the only one, but I do pick up several games each year from the second hand racks. I dont mind as the games I really want I do buy new either eventually or while they are on offer.

So apparently Sonys new "Orbis" (ps4) console will lock the game to 1 PSN account then locking out the game for anyone else who wants to play, (unless of course they pay for the unlock code) this is a bit extreme as me and a friend often trade games between the two of us this allows us both to play a wider variety of games and lower the cost of gaming. But XBOX have gone one step further and will not even have a drive :shock: this has to be a bold move going fully digital? Will they have EVERY XBOX and XBOX 360 game available for download then? Will Sony follow suit and go drive less? It is also rumoured that unless your PS4 is connected to the internet you cant activate your brand new game you just bought! I see this concept been REAL unfair!

And above all this what really annoys me is I paid over £200 for my PS3 a sound investment for many years of gaming and entertainment enjoyment and I still cannot play my repotoire of PS2 games, this aggravates me no end as my PS2 finally gave up the ghost leaving me with over 50 ps2 titles I can no longer play (at least legitimately I do have a way but it's often frowned upon) But you can create a PS2 memory card? And supposedly the old software based PS2 emulator from the older console is still buried within the firmware.

Genesis Thoughts

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So I recently checked back over some old games, namely the Sega Genesis having recently discovered one in our attic! I am most pleased as I can now hook up my Sega CD as well and go back to my childhood gaming wise, along with my Amiga A1200.

Then it came to my attention that I also have a copy of Zombies Ate My Neighbours (simply named Zombies in the UK) Which I hold 2 world records on!

The records held are for fastest completion in 2hrs 35 mins (i know it can be done faster than this but with my playing style this is what I did) And the highest score 604,510 (Which short of farming is as good as it gets for me)

I am very proud of these records and they are officially recognised so a happy achievement for me.

Dark Souls Route Pt. 4

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So now we head back to Andrei you know the blacksmith next to the cathedral? And then head past him (Or collect arrows I was amazed how many I needed her. My bow was +5 but the short bow doesnt have the power needed) Anyways in the room came my first real hint of threat. The Titanite Demon, big, headless packing lightening and horror. Run like hell to the right hand side behind the brick pile he can throw lightening all he likes but he wont get you. Then duck out and stick an arrow in him and then hide once more.

Never really sure if the risk was worth the reward but he fell anyways. And as long as wehavethe crest of Artorias we are all set to easy farm & level up. The first thing I noted about the Darkroot Garden is the sheer level of detail, lots of shadow and colour gradients.

And a new enemy they're walking trees? Lmao great for the imagination not good for ones health if they get too close. Fireball em!! Past four of them to locate a bonfire and a door. The crest goes in the door and we have a nice farming spot.

Also a covenant in here. Another trophy I may add. But not what we are really here for, it all helps though use the farming spot to up your stats. I did and I was thankful for it.

== Vit = 20 -Att = 11 -End = 20 -Str = 17 -Dex = 15 -Res = 10 -Int = 10 -Fai = 11 == Were about my stats once I'd done.

Now head down the path just inside the farming point and there's a fog gate at the bottom. Careful going through here stick to the wall on the right and you'll find anoher gate. You should be human here too so you can summon the help just inside behidn a bush. Head up the stairs and meet another boss the Butterfly.

Not a hard battle really just stick to Soul Arrow or the bow and you'll be fine as you phantom will do most or all of the damage. Once he falls head to the other tower to get a few items and then head back to the Bonfire before heading back to Andrei give him the divine ember and if you have the winged spear get it to +5 so you can turn it into a Divine Spear helpful for later.

You should also not that in this area before the boss is a corpse you can loot for an armour set that would be VERY helpful shortly. But to get to it you have to go through several Stone Knights.

They're tough but none too hard just draw them out 1 by 1 and then hit them with either Pyro or a solid weapon like the Drake Sword.

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