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goddamn exams

I havent blogged or even been online in like 2 yearsbecause I have been so busyBUT I am happy cause the school holidays have just started (YAAAYYYZZZ:lol: ) and I dont have to worry about exams........... for another 4 weeks :(

guess whos back

sorry i havnt been here my comp broke down and i had to get a new one. i tried to use me sisters one but she changed the password so i cant get in :x . but the good thing is im back now :D

burst limit

yes i got burst limit today but when i preorderd it the sale went off:cry: so i had to pay $115:cry::cry: but anyway I just go back and to playing it. choa

level 22

yeh finaly and sorry for not bieng here often i have been busy with of studying and home work for a huge test comin up

longest quiz ever

ok i admit it i am BORED so I was looking up all these quizes and I found a naruto onr that took me 10 MINUTES and it has 100 questions but in the end I got my favourite person and least favourite last here is the link You scored as a Kiba Inuzuka. You got Kiba Cool. your fast, brave, loud and proud of it. but you are also very loyal to anyone dear to you. you also are quit bonded to dogs

Kiba Inuzuka 88% Temari 88% Rock Lee 75% Haku 69% Shikamaru Nara 69% Naruto Uzumaki 69% Deidara 69% Itachi Uchiha 69% Tenten 69% Orochimaru 50% Gaara 44% Sakura Haruno 44% Kabuto Yakushi 44% Zetsu 44% Neji Hyuuga 44% Jiraiya 38% Choji akimichi 31% Dosu 31% Sasuke Uchiha 31% Hinata Hyuuga 25% Shino Aburame 19% Kankuro 19% Zabuza Momochi 19% Kakashi Hatake 19% Ino Yamanaka 0%

summer vacation

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo butyeah there is some good news and sum bad newsthe good news is that I have no school for 6 weeks:D the bad news is it will be raining on xmas so we wont have a pool party this year:( well enjoy xmas anyway mates and I hope you have a great holiday