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Hi everyone!

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Hey everyone its me gorobu aka cory :) Ive been gone forever almost a year! Well anyways guys I have so much to tell u. I am a drag queen now! Been doing it for 6 months it has its ups and downs..But hey whateves. My drag name is Xena Jones, Xena cuz I love the show and Jones For grace Jones cuz I love her! Heres my facebook link for xena so u can see my updates and such ;). http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/XJ.Rox

A rough start but things are looking up

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Thank goodness I have today and thursday off, I get to sleep in and just have a good ol' time. I have had a rough couple of days because of work. I need to start re practing and read the dmv handbook so im ready and prepared. I just have alot to think of, Im also in the process of being a drag queen. Yes a drag queen im not there at all. But im ready and prepared for this. I need to find a drag mother. Bust so far I think i've found one.. But she's taking her sweet time replying to my messages. But other than that im having a postive outlook on things. Peace yo! :)

Day After Day

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Well Hello everyone! I had a horrible day at work today and tommorow is gonna even be worse. Stress after stress at this place is just too overwhelming. Rules after rules its get kinda annoying after a while. But it's the thing that we have to deal with everyday and thats called Life. But anyways aside from that, things seem to be looking up for me. Im gonna finally go to the dmv and take the driver's test. Next month set an appointment and everything! :D SO cross your fingers for me and hope that I pass this test. And im gonna not let this day get the best of me and hope for a better day tommorw. Well cya later guys;)

Ps. How was ur day?

My ipod has risen from the grave?

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So about the end of last year, i had a 120gb clas.sic ipod that i had bought in feb 2009. I was washing one of the dogs, cause thats what I do for my job I was bathe dogs and make sure they are clean lol. I had my ipod in my smock pocket.. I bent down to get something on the ground, and it fell with water going inside the charger entrance :/. I tried drying it off but I geuss the water got inside and it just died. I tried to turn it on numerous times but showed this red x. I sent it to apple and they said it was broken. But today I was looking for a pencil and stmbled across a box and found my 120gb "broken" ipod. I saw my wall charger and plugged it in.. All the sudden it started to work listened to some music on there. And I was like no way!! Is it 2012 already??

Yep im here and alive

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Hey everyone, I still can't believe I havent been on here very much. The last post was on may 15th my birthday. Which was awsome by the way, had a couple of B-day drinks lol. So alot has happend in just a few months since I havent been on here. I moved out of my aunt's place which was a huge YAY!. If you read some of my post's you would know i had problems. But now everything is better now im living with my best friends been here for almost two months and let me say im lovin' it! So yeah things are not as crazy as before maybe thats why i havent been here on much lol :)

Its my 21 B-day!

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Yep Its my 21st B-day gonna be fun hope of all of u have a great weekend :)

Hey Everyone! Im still here

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Hey everyone seems like its been forever since i've been on here. Just wanted to let you know im still around lol. I have been doing other things instead of being on the internet all the time. So I wanted to inform you that Im writing product reviews on amazon. Mostly its music. Which I tried on here. So heres the link of you want to check it out. And an other thing theres these buttons on the bottom of the review that ask if its helpful or not so click yes or no ;). And no im not trying to make you do something. I just wanted you to check out my reviews cuz its something I just wanted to do. So anyways hope all of you have a great day and hopefully i'll be on here more.


The Bitter Taste Of Chapstick Tea

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So Here I am bright and awake lol. I went to target just to get some coffee creamer, bread and I stumbled upon raspberry tea, the sugar free kind. The powder that you put in your tea kinda like, crystal lite. I drank it and ewwwwww. It was gross, it was really like chapstick. Like I was drinking chapstick.. ughh it was gross.. lol

Another Happy Easter To You All

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Hope all of you have a terrific easter! Have fun dying those eggs and scarfing down those chocolate easter bunnys! As for me I have to work :( but its a short shift so i'll be outta there in a blink of an eye. So anyways have a happy easter and hope all of you have a great day! ;)

Egad! Who Are You?

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Wow what a couple of months can do to a person. I feel so good and feel like I can take on the world. Well I really couldn't but you know what I mean. It feels good to wear jeans you couldnt fit in before I used to wear size 44w. I dropped to a 36 W. Man does it feel good or what, i wasn't really noticed before but now more than ever. People are like Whoa! Cory Is that you? lol It feels good but also that feeling of what was wrong with me before. I get to talk with more people now who I didnt before. And now that this weight has been deleted. People are starting to notice, its nice and all but jeez lol. Maybe Im just crazy who knows..