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I do not go on this website much but here is a blog. I recently got Halo 3 and it is awesome. I saw the midnight show of the Dark Knight and it was totally crowded. The theater had it on 16 different screens for the midnight show. I saw it later again that day in the evening. IT IS A TOTALLY AWESOME MOVIE. I am going to see it more because it is sooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!! I saw it twice opening day.SWEEEEET

blog 1

This blog is just a random blog about stuff because I haven't blogged in a while. I beat Story mode in Timesplitters Future Perfect. I beat Guitar Hero (1) a second time on expert. I got 5 stars on 23 out of the 30 songs and 4 stars on a few and 3 stars on the rest. I am going to get an Xbox 360 soon, hopefully in a couple weeks. I almost have enough money. I already have Call of Duty 4 for it because I bought it when it was on sale. It is awesome. I also borrowed Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Vice City from a friend. They are for PS2. GTA3 is cool. YES

new emblem and 360

I just got the vote rocker emblem. Thanks a lot to wiifan001. Go to his page to see how to get the emblem. Also I will be getting an Xbox 360 soon. According to my calculations, I should have enough money to get it sometime in June. I have decided to get Call of Duty 4 for my first game for it. Hopefully I won't have any problems getting connected to Xbox live and then I can be online. I will spend a lot less time on gamespot when I get it.

I beat Bowser in Super Mario World and got a new emblem

Wednesday night I beat Bowser in Super Mario World for SNES. It was fun. I still had my mushroom when I beat him. I still have a few levels to beat but I beat Bowser and I got to watch the credits. Super Mario World is a good game.

I also got a new emblem for watching the Guitar Hero 3 tournament which I'm sure some of you did too.

I have 4 emblems now.

some stuff

I have started a new career in the first Guitar Hero game and I am trying to get 5 stars on every song on expert. I already have 5 stars on 22 out of the 30 songs but the rest are going to be a bit more difficult. I have also decided to get an XBOX 360. When I get it you can all play me in Halo 3. My xbox live account will probrably be the same as my username here. I said I would post a video last weekend because I am level 10 now but I didn't get to it. Hopefully I will upload some type of video this weekend for you all to watch.

I am Level 10

I finally made it to level 10. I have been waiting for this for a while because I can finally post videos now. I will probrably post one this weekend so look out for it.

I made it to Lou in GH3

I just started a new career last Friday, and I beat every song and got to Lou on Wednesday. I've been to lazy to blog about it until now but yeah. I beat Raining Blood for the first time, and then I beat One and I got to Lou. I've battled him a bunch of times and I just can't win. I'm not going to give up now but he is a really hard boss. I hate how he gets to be the first one to get the battle power and then he uses it so you miss a note and don't get battle power for yourself. If Lou was real, I would hit him in the head with the guitar a bunch of times and there would be blood everywhere. It would be sweet. But anyways, he is a hard boss and I don't like him.

5 new games in 2 days

I've been buying a lot of games lately. I think I'm gonna stop for a while so I can play them and all my other games. Yesterday a store was having a buy 2 get 1 free sale, so I got Total Carnage for SNES(not as fun as I expected), Pinball for NES, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater for Playstation. Today I got Mario Kart Double Dash for Gamecube and Excitebike for NES. I'm gonna slow down on purchasing games for a while.

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