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Wow Qore is dumb

their basically giving you crap that should be offered with hte PSN for free with a price tag attacehd to it. I thought Son'y's big advantage over XBL was that it was FREE and hence a system of community was born. or something. Anyways Sony is retarded for doing this.

Thoughts on Qore?

Alejandro Gonzalez Inaritu

is srsly the greatest director of our time. I think he's acutally going to replace Quintin Tarantino "in my book" (LOL Death Proof line!)

but then there's that psycho path michel gondry.... who did you know directed Dave Chappelles Block Party? interesting....

but Yeah I just watched 21 Grams aka my bew favoritest movie of all time, and inaritu was the director.

That film was srsly as mind blowing as eternal sunshine of the spotless mind....

I "obtained" atonement a few days ago but still haven't watched it! anyone wanna tell me if its a tear jerker or not?

Yay! one week off!

Time to catch up on all of my anime! I might as well make a list of what I'll be watching this week/ or possibly/more likely finishing:


Ouran High School Host Club

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai

Gundam 00

The MElancholy of Haruhi Sizuyama

Devil MAy Cry

and of coruse Bleach and Naruto. :)

HOME and sdrawkcab gnipyt

HOME- the worlds biggest gaming **** since sony gave xbox the rights to publish grand theft auto.... i think it has major potential and WILL be a system seller alongside little big planet...

i am now typing backwards in all of my posts in the OT board....