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Xbox 360 Bug

It may just be Trials Evolution, but I got the game about a week ago, and I haven't really been playing it. Not because I don't like it, but because of a really annoying bug that's getting on my nerves. I've had my Xbox since about 2008, and have loved it since the beginning. There's so much achievements that i've earned, I used to play it a lot until about a week ago when weird things started to happen. I noticed it about 2 weeks ago. I turned my 360 on, and was really bored so decided to play MW3 multiplayer. For some reason, when I pressed play on the Xbox Dashboard, immediately when I turned it on, Xbox Live shut off. And that happens whenever I try to play MW3 online.

About a week ago when I got Trials Evolution, something strange happened. When I pressed start and chose my storage device, immediately your supposed to get a gamer picture. It said - "Gamer Picture Error" and would not let me get it. And it would not let me save my progress, or get any achievements on that game either. So I was getting very mad, so I was looking online to see if anyone else have had this problem. Unfortunately, I could not find anything about it. Can someone please help me? I really want to play my Xbox 360.

Minecraft Ideas!!!!!

I really like Minecraft. So, I would like to share some of my ideas for future updates!!

1.Frogs - What would the lily pads be for if they didn't have Frogs?? I think that they would be a great addition to Minecraft.

2.Lanterns - Instead of placing torches all along the walls, why not just hold a Lantern in your hand as you walk? Once you take the lantern out, it emits light. There will be a "Lantern Oil" meter in the top left of the screen and you will have to get oil somehow (don't ask me) to refill it after all your oil is used up.

3.Lightbulbs - Annoyed because you can't put torches on the ceiling?? Well with lightbulbs, your problem is solved! I was thinking for crafting a lightbulb, you need 3 blocks of glass all on the bottom, and 3 blocks of Glowstone all along the middle.

4.Bats - How about bats? They would spawn randomly in caves, and would be neutral.

I am probobly gonna come up with other Minecraft ideas! See ya!

Skyrim Looks Awesome

I have actually never have played any of the games in the series except Morrowind. But unfortunately, I sold my regular Xbox back in 2003. I never got to see the new Elder Scrolls game on E3 because I was busy. I looked at the gameplay on Youtube and looked amazing. My friends have told me the Elder Scrolls Games are epic, but I never got to play them (except one) .

Also, Rage came out today and I heard it was an 8/10. From seeing the gameplay at E3 this year, I actually expected it to be better. But I haven't played it yet so I don't know. I might get it in a week or so.

Gorezombiez, out.

Hi everybody!

Just wanted to let you guys know i'm back on Gamespot! I havent been on this website for about 2 years but i'm back on! See my Youtube channel and my Facebook page!