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damn i haven't been on here in 3 years

it's been a while. i almost forgot i have this account. it haven't changed much from then til now i guess. alot of crap has happened since then though haha

life is amazing. i'm officially graduated and in college now. majoring in chemical engineering with a biomolecular engineering concentration. i'm also taking summer classes...taking calculus 1. not too too bad but it's a pain sometimes waking up at 5:45 every morning for class. i love it though

i finally got that girl i wanted in the last blog. i let her go though. turns out she was a complete idiot. figures though, should have caught on to that 3 years ago but oh well i was young. i don't have "crushes" anymore...all hints of shyness have been eliminated from me completely. don't have problems mustering up courage to say hi to girls anymore. more like i have problems not talking to them haha life is amazing

as for video games, my whole "i don't play M games" has totally went down the toilet. halo call of duty and dragon age 2 are ammmmmaaaaazzzzzing....especially black ops. i have been playing that non stop lately. i don't really have a type of game i like...just whatever i find interesting at the moment.

oh well i guess that's all i'm gonna write for now. i don't think i have a snowball's chance in hell of y'all remembering me but hey it's nice getting back on here for a change

later yall

golden (whit)

howdy! Got some things to say!

Hello! How everything going? On my part, I'm doing fine. I've been doing the regular school and gaming thing with music somewhere in between. Right now I'm listening to "Smile in Your Sleep" by Silverstein! I listened to it like 67 times! I think it's pretty good. New year's went well. I saw the girl I like at the party I went to. BUT I WAS TO DARN STUPID AND SHY TO DO TALK TO HER!!! ALL I SAID WAS "hi..." IN A REALLY SHY MANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REEEEALLY FEEL STUPID NOW...DARN IT! Hopefully, I'll see her tomorrow at church. AND I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TICKED AT AZUREASSASSIN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! He's saying stuff about her that aren't true and he's really ticking me off now. I really wish he'd stop!!!!

Well, I've been playing rock band on the drums and I ROCK!!! I can get 99% on most all songs on medium! We had to ship the old guitar off 'cause the strum bar wouldn't work. We got the new one and it works well. But I dont' play well! I can only do easy songs on easy and I only get like 89%.

Oh I wanted to close talking about how Avril Lavigne looks SO different than in the past! I thought she looked better in the past...even though I like blondes! What to you guys think?

Old Avril...

New Avril...

Happy New Year's Eve and What's been happening over in my part of Mississippi...

Hello, friends! What's up? As you can tell, I haven't been on much. That's because I'm been really busy. I have been playing Rock Band!!! Since I wasn't on for Christmas, I'll tell you what I got. I got a hand puppet, an xbox 360, rock band for the ps3, A GOLDEN MACHETE, two wooden swords, a basketball, a basketball stand and hoop, some candy, money, and gift cards! I really enjoyed it.

Now today i'm going to a New Year's Eve party and I'm going to get ready for it.

Happy New Year's Eve!


What a wonderful day I had!!!!!!!

I had such a good day today! I'm feeling so happy right now! :D

Well, it started like any other Sunday. I wake up and eat breakfast. I leave for my Methodist church at 8:30 (it starts at 9). I managed to leave late at best. I leave for Sunday school at the Baptist church that starts at 10:05. I got there at 10:04!!!! :cry: But I found out that we were not having Sunday school today...I were having a PARTY!!!! :D:D We had a huge group of 5 people. :lol: But we all had fun and talked about girls, hunting, cars, and Christmas. After that was over, I remembered we could not stay for service because I had to go to my aunt's house for soup and conversation!!! So I said later and left.

I arrived at the place. I really didn't want to go. :(I wanted to stay home and play virtua fighter.:) But surprisingly it went well. We went back home after 3 hours. :P I finally got to play virtua fighter! :D

Later a 5:30, we went to the Baptist church for a candlelight service and my parents went with me! :D:D:D:D:D People were bragging about me to my parents about how sweet I am and how I'm such a good boy. :P (Why don't you guys tell me that :?) I was hoping to see my crush at that service. She lives across the street from the Baptist church. She didn't make it. But I got the next best thing! Her parents were there! Her parents and I get along really well.(I think a met them 5 months ago. They're really nice to me) But my parents have never met them so they introduced themselves. OMG! My mom told them "Oh, we just met and I feel like I already know you because he talks about your familyso much!" Her mom had the biggest smile onher face! Another OMG!!!!!!Her dad says, "Isure wish I would have had my daughtercome over here now!" My dad says,"HA! Myson talks so much about her, I feel like I know her." Her dad looked so happy! I'mthinking, "DAD!! :o" If my feelingsweren't out by what mymom said, that sure gave it away! I guess they'll tell her daughter and...oh well! I found out that she wasn't there because she feel asleep and they decided not to wake her up. :POk! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Thanks for reading! Oh could you please comment? Even if it is a one word reply? Thank you!

Your goldenmachete

What I've Been Up To Lately

Hello, friends! As you can tell, I've been really busy lately. I have been doing school, school, and more school! And it kinda sucks.:| I think I think I'm starting on my exams. I am already doing tests. I have an outline I need to do an outline before the end of the next week. And I'm starting a difficult thing on Algebra. I'm not to bad at it but it's kinda confusing. :? It's on factoring. I'm sure I will get it sooner or later :|


I bought uncharted: Drake's fortune the other day. It's not too bad. I like it. But I didn't like the part in the bunker. I liked the normal shoot and hide thing. Oh well, I recommend it to every one who has a Ps3. I completed it like 6 days ago. I might write a review for it but I'm not sure.


I went to the country club Sunday after church. I ate a cheeseburger and a lot of fries. And speaking of which, I'm going to the country club tonight for a buffet that happens every week. I hope they serve noodles. :PAnyway, after lunch we played golf and I suck at golf. I have fun though :D


I'm looking forward to going tochurchtomorrow. I enjoy theclass over there.The only disappointment is that there are barely any girls over there.:( Istill have fun though. :)

NEWS...(I GUESS...)...

I still don't have a girlfriend.:lol: I haven't seen that girl I like since the lasttime I talked toyou guys. Ohwell,I need to make a move next time I see her! :P

Thanks for listening to me again. Later!


Hello, guys! I'm back...

I am back after going to the mall...again...again...again! lol Hmmmm...I go there alot!!! I looked at gamestop and had fun over there.

I CAN'T BELIEVE CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!! I am already feeling the Christmas spirit. but I don't know what to get azureassassin yet...he said he already got something in mind for me. I've got to get thinking!

In other news, I got modded for spaming on a union I did not post in...strange huh?

I am trying new tactics on the way of getting a girlfriend...cloud_squall and I have been talking about it :lol: Hey, if she doesn't like me, I guess i'll try plan B! *I need a plan B...*

Thanks for listening to me blab again!


I'm back after a HUGE party

Well...not the type of party you would expect. I went to a Chinese "birthday" party. There were alot of people there (most of them more than 30 years older then me!). I had fun, ate alot, and chatted a little bit. Overall, it went pretty well.

Other than that, I have been playing Motorstorm on my ps3. I love that game. I'm pretty good at it. I'm thinking about getting uncharted: drake's fortune. It seems awesome.

I am really looking forward to Sunday tomorrow. I am going to have tons of fun.

Thanks for listening to me!


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