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Thanks for the info. I checked your link and it looks like others have had similar problems. I've tried a few of these proposed solutions, and since there is no single solution that seems to make a difference for me, I will have to assume there is a bug(s) associated with some as yet unknown compatibility issue. I sent a request to Rockstar technical support several days ago and have only received automated responses from them.

I enjoyed MP2 and thought it was a great game, and I have owned several past Rockstar games that provided great gaming experiences. None of them have evoked as much frustration for me as MP3. For all it's stunning audio/graphical curb appeal, there are some glaring shortcomings with the game's operability and mechanics. And I agree with some other commenters here about the gaping holes in a story-driven shooter- if only because I believe there was a missed opportunity for creating a game that was an evolutionary step ahead of the previous installment in the series, simply by providing the player with a more compelling rationale to complete each sequence.

Think about it for a minute, if you take away the immersive elements of the story, you have 6-12 hours in a formulaic shooting arcade. To name just one of dozens of contrived sequences that left me wondering, when I got to the end of the dock scene and Raul coasts up in his speedboat to pull Max from the flaming wreckage, I couldn't help but ask, what was this guy doing all the time I am slogging through this thug-infested warren? Sipping a margarita? That kind of loose plot structure you expect from Mario Brothers, but feels incongruous in a game with serious pretensions of it's characters, and graphic gunplay. Okay, maybe its better to just turn off your brain and shoot.

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My problem is that I have made it as far as Chapter 16 but, if I quit the game, I always end up having to start back up at Chapter 7. This has happened several times and there is not enough time in my work day to make it all the way to complete the game. Does anyone have any ideas why my game reverts to such a distant save point and what can I do to save the subsequent chapters/save points? Thanks for your ideas.

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I was experiencing the same problem and tried some of the suggestions here: synchronize tapping with the flashing icon, etc. I thought the problem might be due to my ASUS keyboard, because they are known to have some issues with keys occasionally sticking.


I was finally able to get past the cabinet puzzle by repeatedly pushing the "E" key in rapid-fire mode... just pretend your trigger-finger is in single fire mode and you are trying to duplicate the 1200 RPM fire rate of a MAC-10... yes you need to push the button VERY fast and keep pushing... the cabinet tip-over sequence should roll after about 8 seconds. Hope this helps.

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I had the same problem, tried synchronizing the tapping "E" key with the onscreen flashes, simultaneously using other keys, etc. Cannot get past this point unless someone knows of a work-around. Perhaps this has to do with network lag? Maddening bottleneck in this game.

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:( Okay so this obviously a rant. It as been awhile since I've bought a PC game that required 4 installation discs, but I'm actually okay with the 45 minute install time for the graphics and game engine.

The patch dowload times, however, are another story. I watched 3 full-length feature films (on another computer) in the time it took to dowload the required patches. After several tries, I finally got the game to start only to have it fatally crash about 45 minutes into game. Uninstalled and tried again.

It looks like it is taking longer this time, since I started installing at noon and it is now 7:30 PM. Rockstar, if you are trying to make your customers go away, keep up the good work!