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DC Universe Online (DCUO) seems highly under-rated for a free-to-play

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Been playing for a few months now with a close friend of mine. Get past a few glitches/bugs and it?s hard to find too much wrong with this game. Especially considering that it?s free to play. What?s not to like? If it?s free, it?s for me!

If you play DCUO and are a hero, my in game name is ?Tychondrias?. I am a level 30 controller with a few pieces of Tier 1 gear, working on my Tier 2. My buddy (Gadget DPS) and I play casually, but feel free to PM us anytime to join up!

what happened to my reviews?

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I wrote some reviews for games on gamespot a few years ago (when I had a ps3). Since I sold my ps3 I stopped...now that I have one again my reviews are gone and I'm too low of a level to make more...thanks gamespot.