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It is too late to buy a PS3?

Hey guys, whats ups?

I got a question,It is too late to buy a PS3? I have seen the new games coming out and the avaible ones. Normally, I am a PC Gamer and the PC is the best console ever. (Please dont hate me), I always want a another console but dont know which is the good.

Peace out.

Whats ups, guys? How are you doing?

Hey guys, whats ups?

I am sorry that I was abit absent for a very long time, but lately I have been very busy in bot my house and university activties. Anyway, I promise to be active very once a week.

So if you have question, free to ask it to me.

Thanks for reading this blog.

The movie Paranormal Activity is based on true story or not

Hey guys whats ups.

I got a question for you...

The movie Paranormal Activity is based on true story or not

This movie is the most awesome indepent movie ever, I got scare when she was being dragging by the demon and also in the end. Of course there are 3 alternative version so I really dont know which version I saw.

The Wrath of Mother Earth is upon us.

Greetings Fellow Gamer,

The Wrath of Mother Earth is upon us....

Why I`m saying this?


I live in Honduras and the temperature is 17 degress Celsius. I`m watching the news, massive snow is falling from the north of the planet. Florida is snowing!? Maybe the Maya mistake that the End is not 2012, is 2010!

This is the result of the ignorace of the super power, produce things without seeing the damage.

The Wrath of Mother have started....

Have a Happy New Year!!!

Hey guys, whats ups?

Today end a old year and Tomorrow starta new year.

Lets hope that this year coming will be a good year in all aspects.

My E-mail Account got Hack!

We got a emergency!!!

Some fool hack into my email account and doing alot of damage, so if you receive my email asking for money delete it and report the HOTMAIL about this case. Be careful, This fool may have of hacking skill.

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2 is an Epic Supreme!

Yo guys, whats ups?

Sorry for nothing writing in this couples of days, I was busy on my studies and others activity.

Anyway, one of my best buddies (DarkReaper) bought CoD-WM2 and we rock the weekend (Only Saturday).

This game is surpass the First Modern Warfare, it have a awesome gameplay, graphics, sound, the unique storyline and cool weapons.We were playing the multiplayer and it is highly addictive and fun to play.

It is a must have to finish this year, so go buy it!!

The Fabled Four - The Hunter, The Plummer, The Adventurer and The Sciencetist

Yo, whats ups fellow gamers.

In the unexpected twist in the All Time Greatest Hero of Video Games have summon the might four who will battle to be the greatest but the those who were summon are the real question.

Samus Aran the might heroine of The Metroid series, Mario theundisputed hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Link the adventurer of the Hyrule Kingdom, protecter of the princess Zelda and Gordon Freeman the sciencetist of the famous Black Mesa Compound and hero of the human race against the those who want to conquer earth.

To be honest, these are not the heroes I thought will be the final four. Well, Mario is the one to be expect to reach here but Samus, Freeman and Link.

Well, who said that this fight will be fair.

Master Chief, Snake, Marcus Fenix, Kratos, JC Denton, and Duke Nukem may rest in peace. (Not Fair)

My 2nd Video

Hey guys, whats ups?

Couple days ago, I upload my 2nd video to Gamestop. Its about the Top 10 of Heroes, Vilians and Babes of Video Games according to me, of course. It is pretty easy to do movie with Windows Movie Maker but it takes time to do it and master it. It wasnt easy to pick my top 10s, including for the babes.... dont think bad about me, I am guy. Chick with heavy rears and big ballistic are my weakest. Anyway, I am anxious to discuss with you guys about my video.

I pity the fool who mess with me..... Its a joke.

Peace out!