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This entry is being typed by my frrawggin' iPad unfortunately. All of the old jailbreak id games that used to work on the older iOS platforms no longer work correctly. Quake 3 doesn't work correctly with the new firmware but at least id software has utilized the app store to release a number of the old-school titles of their own like Wolf-3D and DOOM. Both are very nice ports of the games. Now they really need to get the full 3D games in the app store and I'm not talking about an iPhone glorified rail shooter like Rage. Let's see the jailbreak Quake4iPhone updated to work with the newer firmware id software. In a related note, I've nearly completed PC version of Portal 2 and it rocks!!! I wish I could ply it on the ol' pad.

More from the Rocket

I'm now cruising the full Gamespot website using Opera Mini for my iPhone 3G. I can do nearly anything on this little beast now. From a gaming perspective, iPhone OS devices have really taken off. They are now considered more powerful and flexible portable gaming platforms than those made by Sony or Nintendo. The platform as a whole will likely suffer in the future due to Apple's software stranglehold that they've become infamous for. What's next? Quake III???

Pocket Rocket III.0

I have recently acquired an iPhone 3G and also updated her to much talked about 3.0 firmware. I am using it as I type this very entry. While the iPhone hardware is a marked improvement of the iPod touch and the ol' Compaq IPaq 3850, the new firmware leaves much to be desired especially if it is jailbroken. The 3.0 jailbreak is sketchy at best and I'm now wondering if I should have even bothered upgrading the firmware so soon. Some of the enhancements that have supposedly been made have yet to surface like push notification apps and Google Latitude. This little guy has GPS, so you'd think there would be more powerful apps to take advantage of this, but sadly the best program is a jailbreak-only turn-by-turn app called xGPS. Hopefully some of these apps get updated soon to work correctly on the new firmware. Most of the things I cited in the previous post have been addressed amd I can still play DOOM and Quake on this beast, so all is not lost. Did I mention copy and paste! Woohoo!!!

iPocket Rocket

I am now using a more functional mobile device than the one described in the previous post. I have gone out on a limb and purchased an iPod Touch. I have jailbroken it and have installed quite a few programs. Hopefully Apple will open this thing up to all programs when their SDK is released in February. There are already some pretty decent programs. The only thing I really want on it is a port of OpenOffice. It works pretty well with my Google account. Google has even set up several web apps specifically for the iPhone/Touch. I am most happy with its intuitive interface. it is very easy to use for almost everything.

Pocket Rocket

I have recently aquired an IPAQ3800 series PDA. It originally came with Windows Mobile version 3 and I have subsequently upgraded it to version 4. I am already running numerous programs in its whopping 64 MB of local memory.

I have
2 navigational map viewers
2 infrared remote apps
1 voice command app
1 unit conversion calculator
2 media players
2 web browsers
1 photo editor
1 remote client app
1 guitar tuner
1 metronome


New Year's Resolution

My New Year's Resolution is to do more things that I regret. This is a pretty ambitious goal because I do so many things that I regret all the time. Cheers and have another.

Mysterious Gamespot hack

I've been messing around with the form input fields in the "Prefs" section of this my Gamespot profile. I have been inputting scripts. I was trying to get my XBOX Live Gamertag field from a different location but this really isn't possible from what I can tell. I was however able to somehow embed my XFIRE miniprofile into the "About Me" field. The problem is, I cannot figure out what script I used to embed this and it's not entirely obvious from viewing the resulting page source. I have tried to replicate this and even undo it without any avail.

Politics: Controversial new Iraq war policy that should be considered.

The recent Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group Report has been dissected by many politicians and pundits across the world. U.S. Congressmen and Congresswomen are all-of-a-sudden coming up with some suggestions. This report and the Congress have absolutely no real new ideas, though. In keeping with that streak, I will suggest something that is not at all new, but is controversial. I think the U.S. and it's coalition partners should try to pattern their loss in Iraq as much like the U.S. loss in Vietnam. Presently, the U.S. has a fairly cordial relationship with Vietnam. I believe this is because the Vietnamese populous feels a sense of pride about defeating the imperial giant. Look at the Korean situation. South Koreans generally feel that the frightnening escalation of activities in North Korea are not their problem. They feel that it is a U.S. problem. If we hadn't helped South Korea in the 50s we'd probably be dealing with a single open communist Korea instead of a North Korean communist dictatorship and a South Korean inaffectual, apathetic pseudo-ally. When your empire is fighting small rebel uprisings, you can win entire wars by convincing the other side that they have won. We must make our loss more like Vietnam and less like Korea for long-term security, stability and peace.

By thye way, the American and Vietnamese people both won when the U.S. military left Vietnam. Maybe both the American and Iraqi people can win, if we just get out.

Level 10 Beeches

I would just like to take this opportunity to gloat. My pathetic little basic membership has become a serious, convivial, old-school, tasty, tagging, level 10 Phoenix Down beeches. I have filled an entire row of badges and I will have to bust out a new row pretty soon. I can't wait until I become a lubricated Zangief with Leaf Shield, and Power-Glove. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm........

P.S. I'd like get to remove those pesky TV.com and MP3.com badges from my GameSpot uniform. and add a malformed XBox Live gamercard for your viewing pleasure.