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Thoughts on Far Cry 3 Ending

Just yesterday i completed Far Cry 3...

Its one of the best games ive played for a long time and will definately go down in my all time favourites.

By the end i chose to join citra and after the sex scene i was shocked to find that she killed Jason.

I ask, what one did you chose and how do you feel about the endings? (ive seen the other on youtube)

Feel free to leave comments :)

Peace out!


Happy New Year!!!!!

Hey there fellow Gamespotters,

Would just like to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year and that all your wishes and goals are fullfilled. 2012 was a great a year for me last year but it had some downs aswell, i hope for the same this year but with more posotive events and less of the negative. Also, the amount of awesome new tech and games that is coming out this year is overwhelming, am I the only one who is physced for GRAND THEFT AUTO: FIVE!!! I have a good feeling about this year and wish you all the best! :)

Peace Out!



Halo Machinima Video

Hey everyone, ive recently uploaded a prolouge to a halo machinima series i am about to start. Please be sure to check it out, it has no dialouge as it is only part.1 and is the first machinima i have made. And it is only the second video i have uploaded onto youtube.

My channel name is : lethal kandybar

Video name: Fall of the Phoenix (Halo Machinima) Pt. 1

Please comment, like, subscribe and rate. Plus be sure to watch the video in 720p as it does make a good difference.

Much love to all! PEACE!

stupid me :p !!

i really need to keep track of my gamespot, it feels like years but i keep saying to myself i need to log on, atleast then my inbox doesnt get spammed haha. anyways its nice to take a look around the website after a while, a few things have changed but all looking good :D


hey everybody, i thought i would enter a new blog today. anyway, lately ive been watching a few of the old batman series with adam west... there actually pretty descent so don't hesitate to give it a try. i live in england so its on itv4 for me but i dont know if you have that in america or anywhere else, the show first started in the 1960's and burt ward plays robin.

thanks for reading

p.s. feel free to comment :)

(i would of put an image on but when i paste and submit it says ive used to many characters and it wont let me use the attach button)

need help please!!

this is why i hate forgetting to go on gamespot :(

i havent been on for ages so can someone please tell me why i cant view my achievments anymore

please help.... :'(

duke nukem forever!

just saying alot of people are dissing it and to tell you the truth its actually pretty good

btw this is based on the long demo... lol :D

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