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suppose ur playing ps3 and theres a sudden power cut in your area does this affect ur ps3 system in any way!!!!if it does let me know

.what! impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok guys listen when i was browsing game spot i was in level 15 96 % then suddenly i came to 0.0% what is f.... is this i cant believe it hey do any one u know what the problem is actually i think its a glitch or something please do comment

ok guys this is important!!!

listen guys i am at the verge of getting banned because someone report abuse at me again and so i have no other choice but to make another account because if i stay for more time i will get banned so i will make another account in a short time and i will let you know and don't forget to track me!!!!

limbo is it worth the wait!!!

ok pea ple just today i played limbo well it was a bit scary for me but it was a thrill adventure but i found that some pea ple are giving very low scores for it i don't know why do anyone of have opinion about this

part 3; most famous series!!!

well the emotional section is over now its the most famous game well do any one of you know which is the most famous game or series in the world i would say gta series , ma rio and Zelda and call of duty!!!

part 2 ; the most emotional game!!!!

well pea ple my most toughest game bl og is over and all the pea ple had diff rent opinion so now which is the most emotional game which makes you cry as per me its metal gear solid 3 ,heavy rain ,metal gear solid 4 ,and shadow of the colossus what is your most emotional game please comment!!!