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Death of an iPOD.

That's right, Apple Inc has reeled in another customer with the purchase of my new(er) iPod. Well, its just a shuffle so I guess I'm not too nerdy... yet. Anyways, the reason for the purchase of a NEW(er) iPod was because I kinda-sorta destroyed my old one, the first generation version. The kind the plugs directly into your USB port without any wires or anything.

Yes, yes, kind-of a funny story. You see. Umm. I'm one of those fools who live in the basement(not at my mom's house, fool) rather an actual apartment on the "lower level". Its a basement and you may know that basements tend to flood time to time, sometimes just a little or sometimes its just a complete castro-f_ _k, both have happened to me.

Now, because of this, I like to keep my tower pc on the desk itself rather than underneath it on the floor somewhere, I'd like to avoid any accidents. Newer computers now-a-days have front side USB ports and they are great. I rather not move my computer around just to plug this iPod in, then charge it, take it out, move the comp back over and over. Yeah so, why not use the port in the front? I did.

So, I'm sitting there in my chair charging my iPod up and I happened to have some company over, my girlfriend. She was watching TV and I was on the computer screwing around with iTunes. For some reason she decided to shriek out that she was "booooorrreeddddDDDDDD!!!" her pitch going higher and higher for... well longer than needed.

Naturally, I whip around in my chair and stare at her and say, "WHAAAT!". And when I did that, the back of my chair had collided with my iPOD, connected to the USB port, and wrecked the crap out of it, "snap". I cracked that sucker up, it was nice ribbon tear too, totally unfixable. Oh good. I think I took it well.

Anyways, there's no warranty or anything but you can get it "fixed". But its like $55 dollars to get a shuffle fixed and you don't even get your original iPOD back, unless there's nothing wrong with it and something certainly was. So, by "fixed" I guess Apple Inc really means, "Here's a new iPod". So it was either pay $55, wait 2-4 weeks for a new one, plus the hassle of shipping stuff and being home for the package which I almost never am. Or, I could just go to the local store to replace the one destroyed by the shrieking siren of a girlfriend(yes, I blame her). I just went and got a new one for $70 and now i'm happy(er) again.

If only replacing the Girlfriend was as easy.