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it seems that since the release of all the new console theres been one that has been in a way forgotten . while the ps2 is old it seems to be having more and mores games made for it also with most hand helds and the new consoles the 360 and ps3 but i have noticed that threw all this hype one console doesnt seem to have many new games coming in . the xbox doesnt seem to be gaining many of the new titles that are being made that are for pretty much most other consoles .

for instance test drive unlimeted is hitting ps2 360 and maybe others but not the xbox also juiced hot import nights yet to be released is coming on the ps2 ps3 360 and even psp but yet it fails to make its way to the xbox and these are onli two more examples ive been going through the new releases on gamespot for the xbox but i was dissapointed to find less than 5 games coming out or that we know are coming out for the whole of this year which i find is reali dissapointing wat has happened have people forgotten the xbox i feel i have been robbed of ne new games

first post

hae guys welll this my first post um well i still aint got the 360 still sticken with my xbox but i will get it someday muhahaha well i dont reali know wat to say