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What is weight?

Well, it's been a while since my last blog, so I think it's about time for a new one. And, even though I said it was gonna be about lolcats, I changed my mind, and thought about weight. Yes, I said it, weight. But no, not my weight or anything, but weight in physics. In a common conversation, when you ask someone "How much do you weigh?" they reply with the number in kilograms (or in America, pounds). But...that isn't exactly correct. You see, the weight of an object is actually determined by the gravitational acceleration on Earth. Also, weight is measured in Newtons (N), NOT in kilograms or pounds. And you "weigh" aproximately 10 times more Newtons than kilograms (since the gravitational acceleration on our planet is around 9,81 meter per second squared). Or, to put it in a formula:

G = m * g

G = weight (in Newtons)

m = mass (in kilograms usually)

g = gravity (in meters per second sqared)

So, on another planet, your weight would most likely be different then your weight on Earth, however your mass would not change. And yes, I know this is very boring, but it's really good to know since most people misuse the term weight.

P.S. School is over.

I haz become uncle!

Well, I just got the news: I have become an uncle today!!! My 20 year old sister gave birth to a baby boy and I am...um...excited? I think I turned a bit too Gamespot-ish though, I keep saying to myself: pics or it didn't happen :lol: Well I cannot provide YOU with pics, I'm around 400 km away from her, and I'll be visiting her as soon as possible with my mom. Naturally, we've been getting calls all day to congratulate my grandfather (who has now become a great-grandfather), my mom (who ain't happy she's a grandma now :P) and myself. Oh, and by the way, my nephew's name is Ian.

Oh, and about the exams I talked about on my last blog...I didn't have them. I had to go to my doctor's and I missed both exams :P. Donno if that's a good thing or a bad thing though...

Anyway, that's all for today, hope you liked my blog!

I can haz Xfire

Now, I think anyone who is even remotely interested in PC gaming heard of this programme. It's a free programme used for in-game chat, screenshotting, live broadcasting and video recording. All in all, a PC gamer's must-have software. It's really cool, not demanding at all, small and most importantly, completely free! It has 13 million users overall, which is a big number I think. Here's my profile (yeah, I am just a bit addicted to Freelancer :P). If you want to chat with me or you're playing the same games as I do OR you wanna discuss computer hardware (yeah, I've been researching hardware a lot lately), you might as well add me.

Well, that's all for today I'm affraid :P, I'll be makin' more blogs soon (I hope, I got exams on Monday, probably won't be here on Sunday at all).

Calling all modelers and programmers

Well, I think it's time to introduce you to my little project...

I know, I said I'll review GTA 4 in this blog. Well, I'm actually writing it now, but it's not done yet, so I'm posting this instead. Now, for the last 6 months or so I've been playing a game called Freelancer. Yeah, it's and old game, I know, but I'm playing it with a mod called Discovery mod on the Discovery 24/7 server. It's a roleplay server, and I really love it.

So, this blog is dedicated to anyone who loves this game. I know I sure love it, modded or not. But, I think is deserves a sequel, don't you?

So, I'm calling all available modelers and programmers to help me out on my project: a Freelancer sequel! Yeah, that's right, something sort of like Freelancer 2, only free. If you want to participate in the project, you can either: PM me or register here. Also, we are using Xfire for communication, if you have it, add metalgearray25 (I guess you know where I got that from, eh?), that's my Xfire nick.

Also, our game studio is called the Starshadow Game Studios. We are currently recruiting any modelers or programmers who are interested in our little project. So, if you have ANY experience in modeling or programming, please join, we appreciate any help we can get.

P.S. Next blog will definetely be GTA 4 review....or maybe Freelancer :P

P.S.S. Our Xfire team can be found here.

That's all for today, I hope the blog wasn't boring.


EDIT: Alright, I forgot one very basic thing: if this so called sequel is completed, it will be ENTIRELY free, since it will be made on a game engine called Panda 3D, which is also free. Also, it won't be called Freelancer (Microsoft has the copyright), but the game will be quite similar to the original (in terms of gameplay, not graphics).

I am back...well, sort of

Yus! I am back! Well, sort of...I still have school to worry about, and that's the main reason I haven't posted in...oh my, over 6 months. Wow, must be a record...And for some odd reason I'm back to lv. 19 here on GS. Anyway, in April, I finally got a new computer, which I put together all by myself. And it actually works! Well, here are the specs:

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400+ overclocked at 3.2 GHz

GPU: ATI Radeon HD 4670 overclocked

RAM: 2 x 1 GB PC6400

MBO: ASRock A780/128M

HDD: 320 GB Hitachi

And that's about it. I just put all of this in my old computer case; it can barely fit inside, lol. And since I got a new computer, I played some pretty awesome games on it.

The complete list of games:

Battlefield 1942

Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2142

Half-Life 2

Counter Strike: Source

Far Cry 2

Brothers in Arms: Road to hill 30

X3 Reunion

Spaceforce: Rogue Universe

Unreal Tournament 2004


Need for speed Underground 2


Hitman 2

Doom 3

Star Trek Legacy

And that's it. It's a big list, but the games aren't all that new. I shall review one of them in this blog, so please, take your time and read the whole thing.

Far Cry 2

Wow, there's just so much to say about this game. I haven't played the original Far Cry, but my guess is that it was just as awesome as this one. I played the game on the highest resolution my monitor can display, which is 1680x1050. I also put ALL settings on "high", with 2xAA applied. And let me just say, the graphics are simply amazing! I cannot compare it to Crysis since I have yet to play it, but I imagine FC2 is pretty close. Now, let's begin the review.

You will encounter dense jungles, urban environments and much more in this fantastic FPS. I have no idea when the story is set, but judging from the weapons, it's in the 20th century and it takes place in Africa. You can select your character in the beginning of the game, but it won't make much of a difference, you still get the same ending. Your mission in the game is to find and kill this "Jackal" dude, who is an arms dealer and who is supplying the 2 rival factions with weapons for their continuous war. Now, in the beginning, your character gets malaria. Gee, how great...In order to prevent malaria, you have to take some pills every once in a while, which keep you healthy. You will meet buddies as you progress through the game, and they will occasionally save you when you're almost dead. They will also give you alternative ways of completing most of the main missions. So, they're quite useful. Now, I'm not telling the end, you're going to have to play the game yourself to find that out.

Here's FC2 on high with 2xAA...cool ain't it?

Now come the weapons. There's a big selection of those, from pistols to assault rifles, snipers and even mortars. Now, weapons aren't free, you have to find a way to get diamonds, cause money doesn't worth anything. You'll find over 200 briefcases which contain diamonds, and your handy GPS system will usually blink once you get close enough. Oh, I forgot about the GPS...Yeah, you have a handy GPS which shows you the entire map of...whatever it's called. There are GPS devices in cars too. Although it's quite unreal that ALL cars you find have GPS devices. Anyways, back to weapons. They can actually jam when you use the weapons for too long, which is really annoying when you're in the line of fire. Luckily, you can unjam it using the reload button. You can purchase new weapons at the guns dealer, and they'll always be in perfect condition! You can also buy weapon upgrades, such as accuracy upgrade and the reliability upgrade.

Alright, to transportation then. Since the game map is really big, you can use the bus stations to travel from one station to another, which really shortens the game. But, you can always take the nearest car and risk getting killed by NPCs with RPGs. Speaking of cars...the game physics aren't exactly great. All the cars have the same speed, the same turning and the same amount of health. However, when the car is damaged, it loses it's speed eventually and it stops in the end. Luckily, you always have your trusty wrench with you and you can repair any car you're driving. Now, there aren't just cars in FC2. There's also a...um...sort of a hovercraft which is used to travel on water instead of swimming.

Let's get to saving. You will occasionally find some boxes that have a floppy disk sign on them, you can save your game there. Or, you can find a safehouse, kill the guards around it and make it you own. Neat, ain't it? You can save the game inside by approaching the bed and clicking the action button. Now, you can actually choose when to wake up with your shiny watch. Then you get a cut-scene of the time of day changing.

Now, as much as I'd love to play multiplayer on FC2, I can't due to the fact I have a...well, let's just say the "wrong" version, heh.

Well, that's about everything about it I can think of right now. Wow, this blog is loooong, hope it wasn't boring reading it. I'll review GTA 4 in the next blog, since my fingers hurt from all this typing.

P.S. If you like the blog, please dig it and/or leave a comment, any input is appreciated.

P.S.S. I'll maybe get Cryis Warhead soon, so I'll maybe review is instead of GTA 4.

Got Battlefront and passed it

A few days ago a friend of mine borrowed me one of his games: Battlefield 1942.

And I passed it completely in just a couple of days. The only thing that pissed me off in the game is my computer. It's crap. It's seriously the worst piece of crap computer in the world. I actually put the game on the lowest graphics possible and the framerate still was crap! And the game is from year 2002! When I played GTA Vice City on my computer it didn't glitch at all even on higher settings. But the drop in frame rate in this game is more than obvious. Well, that settles it - the next good thing I'm buying is a better computer. A PS3 is WAY too expensive. Besides, a computer can be more useful than a PS3.

Guess I wasn't clear enough...

OK, so the last blog could have been a bit confusing. See, I believe you were all rating my BANNER, not my BLOG HEADER. Well, at least some of you were...

Anyway, please, this time look at the picture. Any criticism would be appreciated, just as long as it's not too harsh. Well, here it is:

Please, rate it 1-10. I apologize if the last blog was confusing.

Answers to your questions!

Well, this is what you asked me! It's answer time!

Maikedi asked:

Can u describe urself?
Fav games?
Fav food?
Best thing that happen to u?
What do u do best?


I'm 193 cm (6'4") tall, believe it or not. I am also very thin for my height. I am always friendly to people and helpful. I'm not really talkative in person, only with my best friends. I think of myself as smart, funny and taller than most people:P.

Fav games? Probably MGS 3 and NFS Most Wanted for my PS2, and Crash Team Racing and Crash Bash for my PS. Love the games in every way. Spent more hours playing these than I can count.

Food? Probably pizza. I also love hamburgers but I don't eat them often.

The best thing that happened to me is my PS2. I can't think of anything else right now.

I'm really the best at playing games. I'm also good with computers, but I'm no expert.

Canana asked:

What's your favorite soccer team?


It used to be Arsenal, but I don't really keep track now. Haven't watched soccer in a while now.

Armoredcore55 asked:

What kind of music do you like?
What color are your eyes?
Have you ever been to the U.S.?
What's your favorite sport?


I love listening to techno. That includes rave, trance and house. My entire computer is full of music.
My eyes are brown. Gee, what a surprise, huh:P?
No, but I plan on going there one day. I think…
Skateboarding. I just love it. It's a free****sport so I love not being restricted my courts and stuff. You can do anything with a skateboard.

Tofu-lion91 asked:

What's your star sign?

You skateboard yeh? Reg or goof? (I'm mongo goof - beat that!)
Friday night or Sunday morning?


It's Gemini (if that's what you're asking for).
Regular, but I can only jump goofy don't know why. I just can't jump regular.
What? What's that about?

Graywolf2112 asked:

Night or Day?
Your Fav place to vacation?
Least Fav Food?
What annoys you the most?


Night I guess. School is during the day:P

It's at home. Seriously, I don't like travelling that much.

After a lot of thinking I thought of the perfect answer: squids. I swear, they taste like crap. They are just like a bubble gum that tastes like crap.

Stupid people annoy me. There were a lot of those at my former school, but there aren't many now at the new one.

Skillet505 asked:

Why do you come to this site?
What consoles do you have?


Because it's as good as good as a site can get. I've never seen a better gaming site in my life.

I own a PS1, a PS2 and a PC. I owned a Sega Mega Drive but my sister broke it.

Hazelnutman asked:

Ninjas or Pirates?


Ninjas, of course. Pirates don't stand a chance.

lazyhoboguy asked:

Does your head hurt from continuously bashing it on your keyboard?


Nope, not at all. I always wear a helmet:P.

SoaringEagle88 asked:

Do you have a favorite movie? or Tv show?


Yes. My favorite movie would be Star Trek: Nemesis. I only watched it once, but I really loved it.

A TV show is a TV series, right? I love Star Trek, I'm a big fan of it. I also watch CSI whenever I can.

hhh34c asked:

Why don't zombies just eat one another?


Zombies exist?! Where?!

horseyjesse asked:

What is your favorite thing to learn about?


That would be the universe. It just fascinates me and I loved it when I was a kid.

naju890_963 asked:

Do robots love?


You're just going to have to ask them. But I think they do.

God_of_duty117 asked:

Can I has cookie?


Is this a trick question? Because I really don't know.

tmaclabi asked:

What is the word love for you?


It's a four letter word…? Really, I wouldn't know. I can't explain.

Ask me a question!

Well, since I haven't come up with anything good for a blog this weekend and I said I would make a blog I came up with an idea. I'm giving you a chance to ask me about anything! Don't go too personal though or I won't answer it. So, let's get started and ask away!