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The cub's 2007 season so far

In the offseason i was so excited about the new players and had high expectations for the cub's atleast getting in the playoffs. So far they havent really clicked as a team yet and their record is proof of that. I believe that they can be an outstanding ball club if  they can just keep all of their players healthy. Ted lilly beat prior for the fifth spot in the rotation and now prior is pitching in the minor leagues. He came out of the game after two innings complaining of dicomfort in his arm. Their other ace pitcher kerry wood who has been put in as a relief pitcher this year, he is out due to tendinitis in his pitching arm. I think if the cub's can get them back in the rotation healthy, then it would definetly improve this team. Now Aramis Ramirez is out for a couple of games due to tendinitis also, which the cub's do not need as he has been having a great season so far. The cubs record right now is 4-7 and they are fourth in the NL central. Lets hope that things will start to get better for them, because i believe that they have a good chance of doing great things this year. Good luck cub's all of us know that you can do it!