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gaming update

Lately, i havent been able to buy any games due to bills, but i am going to start saving for the games that are coming later this year. The game that i am looking forward to the most would probably be stars wars the force unleashed. I am a big star wars fan and i am really interested to see where they are going to go with the storyline being vader's apprentise and all. I am really excited about bioshock coming to the playstation, i have been wanting to play it and now i will get to. I was pretty disappointed with nintendo's e3 this year, they usually have some surprises, but they showed casual games and that was it. Still i am going to be buying a few wii games, i was sold on wii music and animal crossing which i will be buying online to avoid the embarrassment of asking for it in the store. I am very excited for spring of next year because then i get my hands on the newest addition to the resident evil franchise with their fifth installment. The videos of that game looked pretty good and i cant wait to be able to play co op. I get paid this week and i am hoping to be able to get a couple games that i have been looking at. I am trying to branch out and try new things besides shooters all the time, so i decided to get patapon for the psp. Patapon and maybe RE:UC or some ds game. I have every new system but an xbox 360 and there are a lot of games that i want to get for each of them. If you have any suggestions then feel free to tell me, i am game for pretty much anything.