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game time

Here is a little update on what has been going on with me and my systems. I bought my ps3 about a year ago, and continues to be the primary system. Over a years time i bought more games for the ps3 then the other three systems that i have(two of them being the psp and ds). Here is a list of my ps3 games, feel free to rate them:

Call of duty 4

gta 4

metal gear solid 4

assassins creed

resistence fall of man

mlb 08 the show

lost planet

splinter cell double agent

army of two

mlb 2k7

madden 08

The two games that i traded in are mlb 2k8( horrible game i dont know why x play recommended it over the show) and ninja gaiden sigma(not a bad game, just not for me).

Now here is a list of the nintendo wii games that i own which includes downloads.

super mario galaxy

super paper mario

super smash bros brawl

the bigs

rapala tournament fishing

loz:ocarina of time

super mario bros

legend of zelda

I have two handheld systems which are the nintendo ds and the psp


mlb 08 the show(i know i have it for the ps3 but i also want to play it on the go.)lol

god of war:chains of olympus



legend of zelda: phantom hourglass

I need to start buying more ds games but i am very picky about the games that i buy. I am going to be buying some of the mario games that they have(super mario bros,yoshi island).

This week i am going to be purchasing a couple more games for the ps3 and the nintendo wii. For the wii, i will be buying resident evil umbrella chronicles which i have been meaning to get but never seem to. If you have any input on this game then please feel free to tell me what you thought of it.

I cant believe how many great games was released so far this year. So many big names, and there are still some great titles still to come. As you might know i work at walmart, and i will be getting a bonus soon which is going to be about four hundred dollars. I am thinking about buying a xbox 360 for some of the great titles that i have been missing out on. I want to try gears of war and the halo games, but also want it for the xbox titles like kotor 1,2 which i love to be able to play again.

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