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Been a longtime and a lot of changes

Well, it's been awhile since i wrote a blog and i have played and beat A lot of good games. The systems i own and newer games for them: Playstation 3 Assassins creed 3,Dishonored,WWE13,Far cry 3(preordered) PS Vita Uncharted, LBP VIta,MLB the show,assassins creed 3 3DS Paper mario(new one),RE Revelations,Zelda OOT, Super mario

death is almost here!

i have been waiting for the new metallica album to be released and it is going to finally happen on the 12. i have been a metallica fan for a long time, i fell in love with their music ever since i heard enter sandman for the first time. some fans are calling them sellouts because they dont sound like they did on the earlier albums, but if you are a true fan you will like anything they put out. i heard some of the new songs and i have to say that it sounds like listening to their earlier stuff. so on the 12 i am going to be getting this cd what about you?

game time

Here is a little update on what has been going on with me and my systems. I bought my ps3 about a year ago, and continues to be the primary system. Over a years time i bought more games for the ps3 then the other three systems that i have(two of them being the psp and ds). Here is a list of my ps3 games, feel free to rate them:

Call of duty 4

gta 4

metal gear solid 4

assassins creed

resistence fall of man

mlb 08 the show

lost planet

splinter cell double agent

army of two

mlb 2k7

madden 08

The two games that i traded in are mlb 2k8( horrible game i dont know why x play recommended it over the show) and ninja gaiden sigma(not a bad game, just not for me).

Now here is a list of the nintendo wii games that i own which includes downloads.

super mario galaxy

super paper mario

super smash bros brawl

the bigs

rapala tournament fishing

loz:ocarina of time

super mario bros

legend of zelda

I have two handheld systems which are the nintendo ds and the psp


mlb 08 the show(i know i have it for the ps3 but i also want to play it on the go.)lol

god of war:chains of olympus



legend of zelda: phantom hourglass

I need to start buying more ds games but i am very picky about the games that i buy. I am going to be buying some of the mario games that they have(super mario bros,yoshi island).

This week i am going to be purchasing a couple more games for the ps3 and the nintendo wii. For the wii, i will be buying resident evil umbrella chronicles which i have been meaning to get but never seem to. If you have any input on this game then please feel free to tell me what you thought of it.

I cant believe how many great games was released so far this year. So many big names, and there are still some great titles still to come. As you might know i work at walmart, and i will be getting a bonus soon which is going to be about four hundred dollars. I am thinking about buying a xbox 360 for some of the great titles that i have been missing out on. I want to try gears of war and the halo games, but also want it for the xbox titles like kotor 1,2 which i love to be able to play again.

gaming update

Lately, i havent been able to buy any games due to bills, but i am going to start saving for the games that are coming later this year. The game that i am looking forward to the most would probably be stars wars the force unleashed. I am a big star wars fan and i am really interested to see where they are going to go with the storyline being vader's apprentise and all. I am really excited about bioshock coming to the playstation, i have been wanting to play it and now i will get to. I was pretty disappointed with nintendo's e3 this year, they usually have some surprises, but they showed casual games and that was it. Still i am going to be buying a few wii games, i was sold on wii music and animal crossing which i will be buying online to avoid the embarrassment of asking for it in the store. I am very excited for spring of next year because then i get my hands on the newest addition to the resident evil franchise with their fifth installment. The videos of that game looked pretty good and i cant wait to be able to play co op. I get paid this week and i am hoping to be able to get a couple games that i have been looking at. I am trying to branch out and try new things besides shooters all the time, so i decided to get patapon for the psp. Patapon and maybe RE:UC or some ds game. I have every new system but an xbox 360 and there are a lot of games that i want to get for each of them. If you have any suggestions then feel free to tell me, i am game for pretty much anything.

The cub's 2007 season so far

In the offseason i was so excited about the new players and had high expectations for the cub's atleast getting in the playoffs. So far they havent really clicked as a team yet and their record is proof of that. I believe that they can be an outstanding ball club if  they can just keep all of their players healthy. Ted lilly beat prior for the fifth spot in the rotation and now prior is pitching in the minor leagues. He came out of the game after two innings complaining of dicomfort in his arm. Their other ace pitcher kerry wood who has been put in as a relief pitcher this year, he is out due to tendinitis in his pitching arm. I think if the cub's can get them back in the rotation healthy, then it would definetly improve this team. Now Aramis Ramirez is out for a couple of games due to tendinitis also, which the cub's do not need as he has been having a great season so far. The cubs record right now is 4-7 and they are fourth in the NL central. Lets hope that things will start to get better for them, because i believe that they have a good chance of doing great things this year. Good luck cub's all of us know that you can do it!

Finally got one!

Well two weeks ago, i went to gamestop and pre ordered a nintendo wii and the guy told me to come and pick it up on sunday. I went to pick it up and it wasnt there, i was wondering where the heck is the shipment that nintendo sent out. Then finally on thursday of last week i received a call from gamestop and the guy said that my wii was in. I finally got a nintendo wii, but i dont have the money to buy any games right now, so all i can play is the wii sports. I will have money this coming thursday though, and i am going to buy a game with it. I havent decided what to buy, i want that fishing game, but its not getting very good reviews. well anyway i dont care i am one of the lucky ones to get a wii even when there are so many shortages.

My plan to get a Wii

I finally found a way to buy a nintendo Wii and it is not going to be a pleasant time either. I guess in order to get things in life, you have to sometimes do things that you dont want to do. The thing that i dont want to do is watch my cousins for ten days while my aunt and uncle are in florida. The only reason i am doing it is because they are going to pay me $100 and that would definetly help me to buy a nintendo Wii. I can get the other $150 or so from my school money which i wont need all of so i will be a proud owner of a nintendo Wii sometime early this year!