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My happy place is a floating castle.

I've been continuing my push for a complete English-language Neo Geo home cart collection, beginning with the inexpensive titles. It's progressing nicely, though once you get past the NAM-1975/Magician Lord tier, it starts to get pricey. I now have 39 of the games out of a possible 95 with an official U.S. or European release, or ~41% of the catalog. However, my 41% of the catalog represents a smaller percentage of the cost to get the whole collection, as just to acquire the games in the Metal Slug series (of which I have none) will cost around $10k. I might abandon my goal when the price-per-game gets ridiculous, but until then, it's fun to knock some titles off of my want list that have been there for several years. My latest is the excellent beat-em-up Sengoku 2. The first Sengoku is a game that I have fond memories of from the arcades when I was a kid, and I've beaten my AES copy a couple of times. The sequel is supposed to be a major improvement. I'm stoked and I can't wait to try it. Interestingly, Sengoku 2 also sets a record for the amount of money that I am willing to pay for a single vintage game--$250, which, when you think about it, equates to only 4 current gen games and most current-gen games are pretty forgettable.

At least, that's the case I've made with my wife.

Dethroned? Unseated? at least overtaken.

So, during my collection upload to TheBackloggery, it became clear that I was going to end up in the top 2-3 of collections on that site. I actually was in second from about the third upload day, but the person in third has been chopping away at my lead by adding 20 and 30 games at a time on obscure systems and handhelds for the last few weeks. They've finally moved ahead of me. Ah well, now I'm only at the 99.89th percentile (for now).

Blister in 30 Minutes

My TV is acting strangely, so following some online advice, I'm leaving it unplugged for 48 hours for a reset to occur. So, I broke out my PS1 w/ screen for some King of Fighters 95. I haven't beaten the PS1 version before, so I got all the way to Omege Rugal with Iori, when my left thumb started bothering me. I had developed a blister from playing the game in no more than 30 minutes. That might be my record.

Is it Cognitive Dissonance?

So, I hate Craigslist. After about 5 attempts to buy something and having only one success, you can understand my dislike. It's like eBay with no accountability, way more sleaze and a small chance that you'll be killed with each transaction.

So, I tried it again this week, b/c I don't remember my lessons very well. A guy was selling a hardback Phantom Hourglass guide that looked to be in good shape for $15, so I bit. Here's an annotated email trail:

First message: me to Dude, Sunday 4:30 pm

I'm interested, please reply to this account or call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX to set up the transaction.

Second message: Dude to me, Sunday 5:20 pm

Ok. When and where can I meet you?

Third message: me to Dude, Sunday, 6:55 pm

Tonight or tomorrow night would be fine. Somewhere in a shopping center parking lot would be good. How about Best Buy? If you'd like to call my cell phone to confirm, I can meet you between 8 and 9.

I rarely keep cash, so in case Dude can make the 8-9 window, I make two trips after sending the email, the first to an ATM for a $20 bill and the second to a convenience store to break it. I wouldn't ask someone to make change during a transaction like this. No message comes until:

Fourth message: Dude to me, Sunday, 10:15 pm

Best Buy is perfect. I can be there at 5:30 or later. Which is best for you?

Fifth message: me to Dude, Sunday, 11:00 pm

I'll be there at 6:15 pm and I'll look for a guy carrying a green hardback.

Sixth message: Dude to me, Monday, 12:15 am

It is Blue for Phantom Hourglass, but yes. I will be there!

So, I arrived a little early and bought a pack of markers in the store, then set up a lookout in front of the store beginning at 6:10 pm. It's raining a little bit, but I'm close to the building. I wait for a few minutes, looking for a guy with a blue book, then a few more. The rain starts picking up, but I wait until 6:35. Then I leave a bit aggravated.

Seventh message: me to Dude, Monday, 7:00 pm

Dude McDude,

I waited in front of Best Buy from 6:10 to 6:35 in a light drizzle for the opportunity to give you $15 for your book. I will not make the mistake of trusting what you say ever again.
Good luck selling it to some other sucker.

Eighth Message: Dude to me, Monday, 7:05 pm

I thought I had sent you an email HOURS AGO about me not having my vehicle till 7:30pm but by accident I sent it to the wrong person. However, you can keep your "trash" talk. If you want to whine about it like some baby, GO RIGHT AHEAD!

So, here's the problem with people. I'm a trash-talking whiny baby becauseI point out this kid's mistake. No one has any sense of accountability. Just say that you screwed it up and apologize. I screw things up all the time, it's not the end of the world, you just have to 1) realize it, 2) own it, and 3) learn from it.

Of course, I should leave it alone, but he called me a trash-talking whiny baby, so I don't.

Ninth message, me to Dude, Monday, 7:20 pm

It's too bad for both of us that you were able to email me an update only after the fact.

and, of course, Dude can't leave without having the last word.

Tenth message, Dude to me, Monday, 7:32 pm

Yep. Too bad the world doesn't recheck each email after sending it. Oh well, you're no longer interested so I'm done here.

Yes, it's THE WORLD's fault that you sent an email to the wrong addressee. WTF is wrong with people these days? Where's the "sorry man, I sent the email to the wrong place" or "I messed up, would you buy it if I knock a few bucks off for your trouble"? Nothing. I'm a douche b/c I don't let you slide on your screw-up. I weep for the Chinese-dominated future. I should applythe $15 to Mandarin lessons.


I've registered an account at The Backloggery as gamesniper and am in the process of populating my collection. Based on my glance at the member list, I'll be #2 in total games after uploading everything. The person in 1st has more than 8000 games listed, so it might take a bit for me to gain the upper hand.

EDIT: Everything's up except for Tandy Color Computer, SuperGrafx, and Laseractive, which can't be. I've asked for those systems to be added.

Look but don't touch

There have been services "slabbing" collectibles for years, though I have never owned any collectible so treated. Here's the site of one company that handles videogames if you don't know what I mean. I don't think that I want to have games that I can only look at for fear of devaluing them, but for some of my more rare duplicates, it might make financial sense. Would you be interested in displaying some standout games in your collection in a tamper-proof box? Are you interested in buying slabbed games to be sure that they are in good condition? Do you think the practice is weird?

Too meta for me

So, like many Gamestop customers, I have been moved from the Rewards Card (10% off, GI subscription) to the PowerUp Rewards system. I just activated my account and added a few games to it but I lost interest halfway through the As. I took a look at some of the rewards that are on offer in the "store" and found that the going rate is 1000 power up points is a dollar at retail. OK, that's fine. Next, I found that you can buy Microsoft points cards with your rewards points.

So I can buy a virtual hat for my virtual dude using virtual currency bought with another kind of virtual currency. To quote Keanu Reeves, "Whoah".

Depravity. Again.

I bought another copy of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on Xbox today and decided to make this little display. That's 4 copies on PS2, 3 on Xbox, and 1 on DC. Eh, why not?

Maybe I should make a fort out of Valkyrie Profiles next.

It's twue, it's twue!

I bought some stuff via a Craigslist transaction the other night, including a Saturn Gameshark. I'd heard that you could use the cheat device to play import games, but had never checked (mainly because I didn't have one). I looked it up at The Digital Press the night of the deal, and all you need to do is hold down X+Y+Z and press start with "start without enhancements" selected. I don't know if this is a hidden or overt feature of the GameShark, since I don't have a manual, but it works like a champ. I'd still need a PAR 4m Plus for anything needing a RAM cart, but I just opened up the vast majority of import Saturn games with one cheap little cart. Maybe I'll finally break down and get Radiant...