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Steam and its consolation

I think it's time for a little update on my life since the last post is a bit aged. Plus I also picked up gaming again after my girlfriend and I broke up last May so this blog is relevant again. Sorry all of you hardcore gamers out there, I know I make it sound like games are for lonely people (and they kind of are :P) but those of you with non-gamer girlfriends will understand.

Anyway, besides its **** beginning, most of my summer was pretty good. I managed to get a job in a genetics lab as a (paid!) summer student. Combine that experience to the 2 more scholarships I got and my flawless transcripts from last year, I doubt I'll ever have to take a **** job ever again :lol: So I'm well on my way to do research in the near future. I just have to find a good subject to study. Genetic engineering of microbes perhaps? (Venter's work is making me dream) I still have time to decide though. And 2 years of undergraduate studies to get through :x

As I mentioned, I've picked up gaming again somewhat. I haven't played much of my wii although I've really wanted to try Mario Galaxy 2. And of course, I'm avidly waiting for LoZ Skyward Sword :D ... In the meantime though, I've mostly played Serious Sam TSE HD. I have to admit for a while I was addicted to the coop survival in that game. Bear city is my favorite map by far. I haven't finished the single player mode yet though (not on HD anyway). Last time, I think I was stuck in a room full of kleers with nothing but shotgun ammo...

There are also a number of games I've been thinking of buying. As I promised myself in my last post, I tried to get acquainted with Steam over the summer and I have to say I really prefer this service over the old hassle of buying games in store. For a start, there's just no way stores can compete with Steam's prices. The fact that the service is online seems to allow them to indulge in "micro-sales" where a game becomes a super bargain for a day or two. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to profit from this. I watched their "Perils of summer" sale go buy without buying a single title because I thought this kind of event happened often (until I read on a forum that christmas would be my next opportunity). I shan't make the same mistake again.

Until then I have my eyes on the prices of:

  • Bioshock
  • Prototype
  • And Yet It Moves
  • Half-Life 2

And of course, sale or no sale, Portal 2 will be mine ;)

Freedom. Soon.

Finally back to the wonderful world of videogames! I'm not actually done the semester yet (still have one final exam left!) but it's gonna be piss so I decided to revisit Gamespot in preparation for the games I intend to play after this long year of work. Granted, a summer with a job in a lab isn't gonna leave me with hundreds of hours to fill but I probably will play 1-2 games from start to finish and others just for short fun. They'll probably be PC too now that I got my new Dell. Hopefully, the graphic card will extend the range of playable games. Christ, I might just be able to play Bioshock 1 one of these days...

To start off, I've posted a review of Safecracker. I actually started playing this game sometime during the semester but I didn't finish it due to the midterms interrupting (how rude!) Either way, I finished it first thing today and it took about 20 minutes. I'm not gonna reiterate what I wrote in the review but I really want to emphasize how artificial this game felt. I realize 2006 was 4 years ago but damnit, the arts department did its job, why couldn't the programmers? Could have been a much better game if they had...

Also, I linked my Gamespot account to this Raptr thing? I guess it's cool since now people can see my TF2 achievements (or lack of). This could be particularly interesting since I plan to use Steam for my future gaming acquisitions. Nothing like showing off your virtual achievements to show what a man you are!


Amazing that I actually have time to post something! After all, I haven't been able to touch any videogames since the semester started...Anyway I'm here now since I have a little bit of time and I do want to pretend like I care about this blog.

So let's talk about games. Like I said, I haven't been able to play at all until yesterday. I decided to do a test play of TF2 and see if I was still afflicted with the "paged memory" crash by looking at process explorer while playing. The game worked fine, it turns out, but I played likecrap lol. The first server I joined had some kind of modified 2fort map. I got the enemy's intel, made my way to our fortress unscathed and guess what? I couldn't find the place to deposit the intel. Needless to say, my teammates' angry "fking dumb pyro!" resonated in my head all night...not.

What a bunch of asses.

Anyway I can't do much gaming now since after tomorrow I'll probably be out of time as usual and also because mydesktop is crap. I plan to get a new one this summer though (if I can get that dream job: lab undergrad). I also plan to use STEAM to buy games since I've recently re-discovered it and it seems like a pretty cool service.

That'll do for now. I can hear my bio textbook calling me.

First post + how I review

Wow! First blog post! Always an awkward one.

I'm not sure why I decided to post now after 3 years and half of visiting this website. Maybe it's because everyone's doing it or because I thought my page looked a bit empty.

Anyway, I may as well give this post a purpose so I'll tell you a bit about what I do on Gamespot. Obviously I check it for news and upcoming titles. I don't really discuss on forums much. What I do like, though, is rating and reviewing. You'll notice I have quite a few reviews posted. You might also notice there are very few reviews compared to the number of games I own. Well I have this rule you see, where I don't believe you can review a game unless you've completely played it. So unless I finished a game, I don't review but I do rate. Of course, not all games are finished I've had the time to review but it'll get done. Don't worry.

As you'll have guessed, I tend to leave games unfinished. Sometimes I pick them up again after 1-2 years. And I drop them again. Also, this explains why my reviews have generally high scores. If a game is awful, I don't bother finishing it. Therefore, no bad reviews!