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Not ever before have I thought that HD graphics made any difference to video games, but since I opened my PS3 and hooked it up to my 720p HDTV with a component cable, I now see that it truly does make a difference. I was waiting to get a Wii, and I thought that graphics didn't matter, until my parents bought me a PS3 instead. Now, graphics aren't the most important, but they are important nonetheless. It gets rid of the jaggies (well, most of them anyways) that I hated last generation on my xbox and ps2. HD, in the end, just brings you more into the experience because it just stands out's more vibrant.

Yeah, too lazy to take a pic, but just wanted ppl to know that HD does make a difference, if it's on the Wii or the 360. It's even more demanding on the PS3, since its games BEG to be displayed on a HDTV thru a component or HDMI cable. Heck, even the XMB screen looks crisp, clear, and fluid. You truly haven't gamed if haven't played in HD.