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They're both good games with a good sense of humor. Deathspank is a bit longer than Costume Quest, but can get slightly repetitive. I would go with Costume Quest simply because you really can't go wrong with a Double Fine game.Canvas_Of_Flesh


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Nope i just gloat about it. That's the main reason we all get platinums apart from the sense of achievement.mstrchf12

This. 100% agree.

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not much sidequests.

yes i feel that many characters in the game could trigger more sidequests by talking to them


Yeh, that's right- expand all of them again and again, until you have something that sizes up to something you see on the critics' reviews. Like I said before, having a structure is elemental too (ie. try making them into paragraphs and refraining them from being simple numbered points). Look at IGN's reviews for examples, they do some good ones.


That's an english no no. The original poster was on the right track on making his points punctual, but he forgot to state what was the problem with those points. For example, "not much sidequests" would be written as "not much sidequests makes you feel like the game is low on content and the gameworld, empty". Many people are heavily critical on grammar, for good reason. But content is important as well, and in most cases, more words don't amount to better points. The raw content does.

Also, I don't think the original poster was writing out a full review here. He's just stating his thoughts in bulletpoint form

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Vanquish or Rage. Vanquish is a great action game, but be warned it is really difficult to platinum (i'm just 2 trophies short - for about over a year now. One of the games I put my mind to yet couldn't platinum). It's just difficult game in general, actually.

Rage seems like a solid shooter - was somewhat bored with the demo, but seems solid if you got to sit down with the game. Amazing graphics.

AVOID Oddysey to the west. It's boring, and camera is too close up with the action, and story just sucks. I was hyped to buy this game when it was at 15$, but it was not worth it. Waste of my time - it's just simply not a revelant game, and won't ever be. It was in ways an unmemorable and underwhelming experience

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If I start a game, and it sucks, I stop playing it. If it is good, then I keep playing it. I just play what I want. IDK if that helps but there you go. Sometimes I tell myself I should go finish those crap games like Neverdead and Clash of the Titans, but I never will.


Agree. A lot of people think b/c they have a game (or b/c they own a game that was rated highly), that they need they MUST play it. If you don't feel like playing a game, then it's not worth forcing yourself to play it. It's not worth it - if it's not fun, then don't play it. Games are suppose to be fun, not a chore. There are times when there is an exception - for example, i forced myself to complete Persona 4 to the very end, and honestly the ending was satisfying - it gave me closure that I otherwise wouldn't have if I didn't force myself to finish it.

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Mark of Kri/Rise of the kisai

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Best PSN game, in terms of how much fun I had, had to be Lumines Supernova, and here's why:

1) Immersive and very mesmerizing visuals. You'll be glued to the screen.

2) Best block-puzzle gameplay I've seen since tetris.

3) Hypnotic soundtrack.

4) B/c of all the factors above, I've had a few people come pass by my tv and stop just to get glued to the screen as well.

5) Great replay value(many unlockables and challenges) and trophy support (though no platinum I don't think).

There's also multiplayer, but I forgot if there's online mp or not. If not, then that's the only negative I see. Alot of people don't mention lumines, just because it's not as well advertized and b/c it has recently seen its glory days on the original PSP a while back, but honestly, everyone should give this game a chance. Once you do, you'll get totally sucked in.

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[QUOTE="darkspineslayer"]Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2...having to beat the game on the hardest difficulty is the least of your worries. The grind for 1000 kills with each weapon and spell is. Then the missions, THEN the difficulty trophies.Gxgear

Time consuming doesn't make it hard.

Agreed. If it only takes time to eventually get a trophy, then it's not challenging.

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It's easily vanquish. Challenge 6 has to be nearly impossible for 95% of the population.

Now, if you're thinking Demon souls, you'd have to be sorely mistaken...the requirements for trophies for that game are grindy (ie, takes alot of farming time) than actually being challenging.

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Story wise it's the best in the series, I can't wait to play it again as I had to rush the game on Xbox, I'm glad that they will have a standalone ME1 version as I already own ME2 and 3.Fear-

It truly is. First one had best story, 2nd one best characters, and so far the 3rd one is just good chars or story. I already put more than 50 hours into the game, yet it's hard having fun with the 3rd. However, the multiplayer in the 3rd is really good, so maybe it wins in the mp department. The single player is hugely lacking though in the 3rd