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My thoughts on the 3DS.

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So Nintendo announces a new iteration of their hand-held, and everyone gets pissed (big surprise right?).

Thing is, I don't think these people realize what the 3DS is all about. You wanna know what it's all about?

Smoke one, then lay in a darkened room and play some Mario Kart, or Revelations (if you're brave). That's when the experience really hits you, the 3D effect jumps out of the screen. I think people who really like the 3DS are those who are interested by visuals, by being literally pulled into a world and trying to exist within it. I've always had a good imagination, I could come up with games inside of games or even make certain games crash, I like to test the games out.

Anyway, I think the 3DS lends itself perfectly to this type of gamer, someone who wants to just lose themself in whatever they're doing. Not so much the run and gun (if it doesn't have a crap ton of FPS's forget about it) gamer.

That aside, I'm not worried about there not being any second analog on the XL 3DS, for you see, you don't need one to play these games. Just your imagination.