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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Yay?

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Needless to say, I'm not a huge FPS fan, but these games are relatively all the same and are massive cash cows for the industry. I don't quite get it, no wait I do. It appeals to the baser instincts, the common denominator, "whoa dude wicked head-shot".

Anyway, I came up with a good campaign for this game.

"Coming soon to an overpriced retailer near you, Modern Warfare 2! Remember last time when you shot up Arabs? And before that it was Nazis for a good 3 or more games in a row? Well this time, it's Russians!

This time we have characters modeled wearing authentic Russian uniforms, and swilling vodka in every cut-scene! Yes, the Red-threat is back, and you can kill them! This is a completely different game, worth 60 dollars, like the others, because THIS TIME YOU KILL A DIFFERENT ARMY."


Gamespot has gone to the crap.

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I used to hold gamespot to rather high esteem, thought they were one of the best review sites out there. My, how things change.

The site used to be on the ball with its ratings and the speed of the reviews they released, but not anymore. GTA4 was a very good game, I enjoyed it thoroughly, but was it a 10? I believe the only game they gave a ten before that was Ocarina of Time, and we all know what a masterpiece that game was. I don't think you can lump GTA4 into the masterpiece or perfect category, can you?

There are numerous Fable II reviews up around the net, but gamespot still hasn't released theirs.

So, I feel this site has gone to crap. That's all.

I like my GBA SP more than my DS, is that strange?

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I'm not quite sure what it is about it, but I like it more. Maybe because it gave developers a new chance and crack at developing more platformers and beat-em-up's without having to worry so much about the look of a game. It's essentially an SNES in your hands, and the SNES was and is still super sweet. It can also play original GameBoy games, and that's great.

Maybe it's just because I can pick up so many good GBA games for budget prices now, 5 bucks on ebay seems to be the norm.

Yup, laying in bed playing my GBA, good times.

Twilight Princess is AWESOME!

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Eight hours in and I haven't even made it to the second dungeon.  The GC version looks and plays great.  I LIKE.

The scope of the game is huge. 

Finally, the Zelda which rivals even the excellent A Link to the Past (which was the best Zelda ever in my opinion).

NHL 07 for CG..

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I picked this game up a few days ago and I am pretty happy with it. The gameplay has been significantly tweaked and improved upon since the last game.

Some people are angry that it looks the same as 06, but it plays much better so I'm content with that.

Got Lego Star Wars 2 but haven't played it yet. I'm gonna play it with the girlfriend. :P
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