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New Game: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

Hello everybody

Today I received a new game for the pc from someone of my class. Part 3 of the Rollercoaster Tycoon series.

I have been playing RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 & 2 for a while and I'm really excited how the game will be, because I'm now going to play it for the first time.

Do you guys have experience with the game ? If so, please share your experience. Are there things I really need to try in the game ?

Feel free to comment


I need advice: Wii Games

Hello everybody

After a long time that I didn't post anything on Gamespot, I'm back with a new blog.

I have a question for everyone who reads this and has a Wii.

For my B-day I received a gift card from €20 in a CD and game store.
I want to get a new game for the Wii, so my question is:

If you should advice me a Wii game to buy, which Wii game would it be?

Feel free to comment.


Back from Czech Republic + Got a Wii

Hello guys.

I just got back from 11 days of a lot off fun in Czech Republic with the scouting and today I got a Wii from my parents for my good school results in June.

At the end of the year I had 67% and all passed so thats very good. Now only 1 school year to go until i finished school.

Together with the Wii i bought NFS Undercover for the Wii so that i have a nice game to play.
I will normally buy Mario Kart soon :D

See ya guys on my next blog

Again some inactivity : Exams

Hello everybody.

I'm back again for another blog.

This time its to announce that i will be inactive for some weeks.

This is because the exams that I will need to make.
After the exams I will normally go online on gamespot for some days but after that i go for 11 days to czech republic.

This was another short blog of me.

After the exams and after the vacation there will be more activity of me with more blogs , game reviews , posting on maybe your blog ...

Have fun on gamespot.

Don't forget to comment.



LVL 15 + Friday the 13Th was a bit of a lucky day + happy Valentines day

Hello guys

Here i am back for a weekly report of what happened

First off all to everyone a happy valentines day !

I got today to lvl 15 so im happy because of that

And yesterday i had a bit of a lucky day

In school , i only had 2 lessons of the 7 yesterday so that was a bit of luck

But in the evening i decided that i was going to read the mails i got from rockstar support to solve the problems on GTA IV that i was going to check them

So i did and i updated my Video card driver for my notebook

And so GTA IV finally worked how it used to be

So i had a lucky day yesterday :)

Feel free to post

see ya guys on my next blog


Some games from the old box

Hi mates

Welcome to my new blog

GTA IV still doesnt work so im playing some old games

I got them since Friday in school :p

The games are Counter Strike : Source

and Rollercoaster Tycoon 2

CS is hard so can you guys give me some tactic help if you play CS

See ya guys on my next blog


I finally have GTA4

Hi guys

First off all i want to wish you a happy newyear to all

And to the americans : A happy beginning of a new period in your live :p

So my exams went good , I passed all my exams :) :)

So today i Got GTA4 for PC and im dissapointed :(

Reason : I have a very strong laptop who can easely run it but i cant have games on it so i needed to put it on a other pc . I called my dad when i was in the store and he said no problem no problem its going to work good

Then after an installation of 1hour I am ready to start playing GTA and then i get an error
I search a bit on the internet and i need to update my video card. Ok no problem i update it and i finally can play it.

But what do is see then. The great graphics wont load good , Its like one big glitch and i need to adjust my resolution constantly to get a better view

But when i then turn a corner with the car , then the graphics are screwed again :(

Does somebody have some tips to improve it.

These are my problems : My clock speed is 2.01 ghz and it needs to be 2.4

And my graphic card was a Nvidia 6900 i think but it needed to be a 7900 but when i checked it it has all the same things as the 7900

Plz help me to make that i can play this game well.

If i cant play it well then i need to go back to the shop to get my money back :(



Another Inactivity period is almost over :p

Hello mates

I just came back on gamespot , it was already a MONTH ! ago , so i decided to get more active in the unions i am in , check some blogs of the persons that i am friends with and write a new blog.

I only got 4 exams to go : Maths oral :s , and 3 of informatics

Im doing informatics course so i got like 5 exams of it :p

So after that there will be back a bit more life in the blogs of me and posts and that things

So see ya guys on my next blog

feel free to comment


My name is back good

Hello mates

its been a while but im back

Im back in g!x as kaizer so my gamespot name is back right :p

Its on ET , i know old game but it stays good

Also i bought the following games : Nfs Prostreet , Fifa 07 , burnout dominator

all good games

played pro cycling manager out

also gangs of london

see ya guys on my next blog

What is your favorite game ?

Hello mates

Today as you see i asked the question : what is your favorite game?

This is the 1st question of many questions xD
Im going to look if this has a better respond then the music blogs

If yes then there will be questions each week
if no there will be music blog

Because of not much time i needed to quit the music blog =(

well guys start posting xD
see ya guys on my next blog : blog #47 xD