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So I've downloaded a few mods recently......

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Part of the reason that I'm primarily a PC gamer is because of mods, the sense of reward you get from playing mods like Minerva whilst telling yourself "wait, hang on, this is free?" is great. It's part of the appeal of PC gaming to me.

I've recently downloaded two mods, one of them is the newest version of Pirates, Vikings and Knights. It's a HL2 mod, that runs on the source engine. The game is insane, the premise is great too, get 3 things that never co-existed in the same time period and put them in a game. It's primiarily a melee combat game, which is deeper in the latest release. You can swing your weapon in four different directions, your opponent can anticipate what direction you swing in from your animation and block in the same position (it's a lot harder than it sounds, co-ordinating an attack whilst defending and moving is difficult). There's also some ranged combat, from bows to parrots and some special abilities (The heavy knight can drag his claymore around in a 360 turn, the archer can fire 3 fire arrows for a one hit kill) special abilities can only be performed with a full red bar, which goes up when you inflict damage on your opponents). There are three factions (no second guesses on who they are) and two classes within the factions, all have thier own weapons and special abilities. The game modes seem to encourage all three to duke it out in locations throughout the map, for instance, one is about who controls the most "booties". There are three bases and all have to defend thier treasure chests whilst obtaining the others from the eneimes, the most consistent team who usually has the most chests at thier base win. It leads to funny moments where a pirate will use a flaming barrel and take out around 3-4 guys in one explosion.

The visuals are amazing for a mod on the source engine too, it's easily the best looking source mod out there. The sound is great aswell, all factions have their own war cries, which leads to funny instances where you exchange calls with a teamate whilst slashing them with a cutlass. The spirit of the game encourages this sort of behaviour and it leads to a very fun mod, it's worth a download.

The other one is Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat (another source mod). I played this from 11:30 pm to 2:00 am straight away, it's intense, immersive and deep. It's very realistic, the original lead designer was in the Canadian army (it shows). It's set in Iraq, you can play as the Iraqi Insurgents or the US troops. Both have different ****s lead by a commander, within the team there are two squads with squad leaders. The realistic nature of the game enhances the experience, it draws you in keeps you alert. You're always aware of the fact that one or two well aimed shots will drop you, so you find yourself peering around the corner with your scope, scanning the landscape before you move, you can't go Rambo here, you have Call of Duty 4 for that.

It's not as good looking as PVK, but it still looks brilliant relative to other mods, because it's currently in the beta phase, there is no AA, but there is HDR and many other affects that still make the game easy on the eye. The gun sounds are amongst the most realistic I've ever heard, they're bloody loud, it's honestly like the gunfire from a news report in Iraq. Don't be tentative about this one, get it now.

I've also downloaded Warsow, but that's for another blog :) (it's a cross between Quakeworld and Jet Set Radio Future), for those who like twitch based shooters, get it before I make a long winded blog about it.

The Aftermath of Christmas

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That time has come again, seeing familiar faces, watching the Eastenders Christmas special, Pictionary sees the light of day again only to be locked away for next year. Getting stuffed on the dry turkey your guests brought round, watching the annual Jingle all the Way repeat(s). Although Christmas is the time period where most suicides take place and it can be overwhelming, it's Christmas.

However, despite the familiarity and excitement, I haven't had a such gaming Christmas, last year I got a Wii, but this year I haven't got a load of games that I've been itching to play. I got two, Super Mario Galaxy and Unreal Tournament 3. UT3 is disappointing, I need Vista just for mere AA, I can't help but feel MS has gone overboard with the whole Vista and DX10 thing. I tried to find control panel on Vista once, I gave up after what felt like the duration of the last Lord of the Rings movie.

But, despite this, the content is just lacking, they try to emulate the original, but it's like UT2003's and UT99's PS2 port's bastard child. No assault? I mean c'mon, that's what made UT stand out in the first place.

At least Galaxy didn't disappoint, I don't recall having so much fun with video games this year, but I barely got to the third galaxy and then the hoard of guests came along, I was soon discarded as they turned on Wii Sports, instead of loosing all my lives on that (damn) ray surfing galaxy I had to endure Wii tennis, where I viewed countless of missed shots with constant and insincere "wow"'s from the in game spectators.

I got dumbbells, whether I was inspired by the DNF teaser or not, new clothes, Frasier DVD set (:D), press up bars, skipping rope (no, not a girly one), some Jeremy Clarkson book (my attempt to start reading anything other than Bill Bryson), two crates of bottled Grolsch beers and socks and the other things that have become compulsory every Christmas like chocolate coins, I would of had a chocolate Santa, but a giant rat had gnawed on it, since when have rats like chocolate?

Is Team Fortress 2 the new king?

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I grew up on games like Kings Quest and Maniac Mansion, I followed the genre faithfully until the last Kings Quest (Mask of Eternity), which was a total bastardisation to the series, even then it outsold Grim Fandango, Lucas Arts stopped making point and click adventure games and shifted their focus onto beating a dead horse with the star wars license. Although now, the genre seems to be making a comeback, although that's a different issue entirely.

So, I set my focus on a new genre. Admittedly I already played DOOM, Quake, Duke Nukem and Blood. But, I never played online, I soon remedied that situation. My first online game was in Quake 1. (yes, I got my ass handed to me) Fast, frantic, intense and visually amazing (at the time) I was hooked, I enjoyed getting my ass handed to me because it's REAL people, I loved the fact i was playing people all over the globe, maybe I was playing a German or a somebody from France, of course it was a special occasion when I got one kill (almost all from the launchers splash damage) I played it 'till it's demise. Unreal Tournament, Tribes and Quake II killed the community. Although Quake 1 left it's mark on our industry and I was glad to have been part of it.

After Quake 3, Counter Strike was THE game. Countless clans and league matches, 6 years I played it. Nothing surpassed it. Battlefield couldn't do it, Wolf ET couldn't do it, UT 2004 couldn't do it, Joint Operations couldn't do it, Operation Flashpoint couldn't do it, SOF2 couldn't do it, Call of Duty: UO couldn't do it, Serious Sam couldn't do it and I couldn't even go back to Quake 3.

Now, we have Team Fortress 2. For the first time in 6 years I have considered quitting Counter-Strike (if that dosen't speak volumes for TF2, I don't know what does), crazy, fast and damn hilarious it's my most played game currently. Subtle things like quicker respawn times for the winners to prevent stalemate, to taking out nades for balance. It's a great experience all round, it's a masterpiece of epic proportions and It'll stay popular for a VERY long time.

Oh, and to follow up on my previous blog, here's a great adventure game (Kings Quest 2 VGA remake). Yeah, it's free too ;)

Freeware galore

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It's been quite a while since I wrote a blog post, however considering I am trying to turn a new leaf the timing couldn't be better :)

The topic today? Freeware. Freeware games are as the name suggests "free", gamers make the crime of overlooking these games. Free games surely can't be good right? False. Today, I will show you two, I will give you an insight on how they play and provide you with a link so you decide the games are worth checking out, so read on.

The first one, is "Mono".

Mono, looks simple dosen't it? And you would be right, it is. You control your ship/guy with your mouse, holding right click to turn it round, it automatically fires. So, all you have to do is aim and move, just like Asteroids right? Kind of. Your enemy's make stains on the backround once killed, the backround begins to shake and swerve (yes similar to getting drunk). So the game goes out of it's way to be a pain in the ass, as you survive longer you gain better powerups. Your enemy's start to shoot back, when you reach 50% it comes an intense uphill struggle to survive. With techno music and extremely addictive gameplay (this will easily last you a weekend) how can you go wrong? Exactly. Oh, did I mention it's free?

(requires Winrar, download it then extract it into a folder of your choice. Having difficulties? PM me.)

Next up Nelly Cootalot: Spponbeaks Ahoy!

This is an adventure game, if you primarily game on consoles. This is a genre you are not likely to be familiar with, that surely makes it worth checking out alone? Although, people familiar with the genre will enjoy this game too. It's got a nice and simple interface, hold down left click to on people or objects and you will given options on how to interact with the environment, right click brings up your inventory. It's point and click, if you want Nelly to walk forward just click on where you want her to go, yep it's really that simple, although the riddles and puzzles aren't :).

Obviously it owes its influence to the old Monkey Island games, but it also definitely has its own distinct and adorable $tyle and you're always aware your playing as Nelly rather than Guybrush. She's a great protagonist, and conversation trees are well worth exploring full just for entertainment rather than to finish the game. It's a little hard to talk about without spoiling things, especially since it isn't a long game either (though it's quite nicely paced) but it's well worth checking out, definitely.Oh, and I almost forgot. It's free!

(download from mirror one, requires Winrar, download it then extract it into a folder of your choice. Having difficulties? PM me.)

That's it for now guys, and there's plenty more where they came from. Stay tuned.

New avatar! Also my new found love for mods and more on my Wii.

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Well, I logged on today and was surprised at the new sizes. Looking from the feedback its quite controversial people loved their old images but found they had to change. With mine it became my identity and was a little uncomforatable in changing it, Like McDonalds taking away their 'M' logo.

I actually stole my old one from it seemed comical for me at the time and its stuck with me since. I wanted a bigger version but I had to do my research. It turns out my infamous avatar is a puppet called 'Howdy Doody'. Kinda cool eh? My new one aint too abd, i guess it will stick untill I find another one.

On other issues my Wii is collecting dust, its in my attick with my Atari 2600 and my Virtual boy. Wii Sports I find to be a chore to play and after a week its a total borefest, Zelda was very very dated. I like OoT but Nintendo why revisit a tired formula, this definatly shows how lazy Nintendo are do they care about their fans? No all they care about rushing their products to the market no thought went into TP it was a rehash with terrible graphics.

I got Warioware in Asda, by no strectch of the english language can I explain how bad the game is and how Jeff gave it a 9, obviously trying to change his image after his great TP review which cuased a huge uproar over the internet. Some times the contols do ot work its nott fun its incredibly fustrating you even have to unlock MP mode, you have to indure sloppy SP to play the best bit of the game and even that lasts 3 minutes then your friends want to play CS:S.

I am appauled by Nintendo, but I'll keep my Wii I love Metriod and Super Smash. I'll indure Nintendo's crap for now for them games.

Recently I have also joined the buzzig mod scene. I must say i have been a fool to miss out for so long mods like:

Pirates, Knights and Vikings
Garrys mod
Goldeney source
Insects infestion
Eternal silence.

All of these are amazing mods, god speed to them! Which makes me realise that XBL is even more pathetic than i first thought, appauling commity, XBLA leaves alot to be deisred and lack of mods certainly not worth my well earned money.

Thats it for now, I know you will be back for now but untill then its goodbye from me.

Sony are actually winning and are still the masters.

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Every day I see rabid fanboys laugh at sony and the PS3, but read this. Coming from an expert like me this is a worthwhile read:

Sony isn't losing, no not by a long shot let me elaborate for you.

Now, Sony planned this all along, they planned to have poor launch games. but why? To make way for blu-ray.
PS3 sold out at launch and owners are justifying their purchase by buying Blu Ray movies with the lack of games what else can they do. Blu-Ray is giving HD-DVD quite a beating in sales, recent studies show that PS3 owners on average have 6 blu-ray movies per console.

Can't you see Sony done this on purpose to feed you the blu-ray and you never guess what its working.

On the games side of things well guys say Hi to the best console ever made:

Its outselling the 360 in sales, recently its been beating the 360 in games like, Okami, Bully, and the new FF. Not to mention GOTY 07 GoW2. Its beats it in graphics with Shadow of the colossus and Okami.

Basically Sony are not as behind as you think they are, they are actually masters why do you think they are still cocky?

Sony are masterminds and have got you all cracked, my brief honeymoon with Nintendo is over. Its time to me to get me a PS3 blow the dust of my PS2 and watch movies to my hearts content. By 2008 ill be the one laughing when the 360 has lost all of its exclusives to the PS3 and the Wii is a lame fad with graphics rivaling the PSP

Atari need more credit.

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Atari, a company many don't know alot of. Many blame them more putting the industry in meltdown and thats what there known for, but here is one or two things that may make you to think other wise.

Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney founded the original Atari with an original investment of $500.

They purchased a run down roller skate hall for their HQ and begun work on Pong. They made a Pong device beta and set it up at the nearby cafe, instant hit and needed money taken out daily. With this vision Atari went to the arcades, then Pong was a household name.

Atari then went into the home console market which at the time was dominated by the Magnavox oddesy, the magnavox didn't have a strong hold on the market and Atari soon took the market and kick started the new home console market. Mganavox actually sewed Atari for stealing their idea but Atari was still a household name whereas Magnavox wasn't. After Pong grew stale and the other existing consoles went stale, the console market crashed in 77. Magnavox was the first to reply but Atari saved the industry with the 2600, with killer apps like space invaders Atari were booming and now were worth $25,000,000 amazing after an original $500. They were the fastest growing company the the history of the U.S at the time.

However things went horribly wrong from there. After disappointing titles like E.T and Pacman, the 5200 didn't sell as well as Atari expected, all the great devs left to form Activision.

But this wasn't Atari's fault, the got bought out. The origial Atari team were by far the best gaming company the world has ever seen. The founder got fired, the best of the team left then Atari went downhill. If they never sold out imagine were they would be.

Atari deserve to be up there with Nintengod but they are not and its a damned shame on all levels.

System wars the comic Christmas issue is alomost here! My take on wii success.

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Guys, Its been a while. I have mainly posted to promote System wars the comic, Christmas issue, which should be coming out soon, everybody be sure to join SW the comic union if you allready haven't I love this union!!!!!!! Also join the Flaming consoles union.

There is also another union, goes by the name of 'are yo_foo and gingerdivid basied union'.

I am not sure what mastersword007 has in mind for the union, but be sure to contact him I am sure it will be as great as the others.

My thread yesterday, I am glad that it wasn't such a flame fest as the previous ones. I some effort into the article, it paid off. I will try make my posts more like that in the future.

Anyway, the Wii is the quickest selling console of all time, people are still camping after launch. So by the looks of things Nintendo has managed to engage a new auidence. For better or worst the Wii seems to be winning. Which i am suprised by. The guys at Nintendo camp pulled it off.

What does this mean for gaming, it all lies in Nintendo's hands. Will Nintendo take gaming to new places? Will they take gaming backwards with limited hardware?

Its not over yet however but it makes you wonder what will happen?

Next gen i will predict all consoles will have some type of motion sensing, for better or worse.

What do you guys think, disscuss.

Join System wars the comic union! Also my imprssions on the PS3. Plus more Wii.

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Hey guys, I know you have all been waiting for anothr one of my blog posts, so here goes.

I haven't been on System Wars often lately. I have joined one or two unions. The Flaming consoles union. Plus the New System wars the comic union.

Here is a link to System wars: The Comic Union.

The Flaming consoles union link can be found in my previous blog.

Well, In this blog, I will be giving you the gamers another one of my down to earth reports. This time on all the features the consoles have,

The Wii's system is very lackluster, Its VC is a good idea but most games are not translated as well as they could of been, this leaves alot to be desired. The Mii and friends system dosen't work very well. The friends system is very slow and the comminity is very hostile. Many people have written abuse to be and others. The commity is appauling, by far the worst i have ever seen.
Nintendo invited me and other histroians to see thier progress on the weather and news network, we also played some online beta game, it was just simple PONG we played. I was appauled on how little they have done, the online was very laggy, considering we were testing it on PONG a game that i was one of the first to play, you would think it would be easy yo pull that off. The news was compicated. It wasn't very user friendly, the weather was a nice neat addition though.
Overall it was extremly poor and rushed.

I played the finished PS3 at my office the other day, I was thrilled with the quality. Everything is wireless. I find it very silly how people claim its too expensive. It's easily worth $899.

Playing Resistance online was like the original Quake all other again, but better. Its really intense. Its very fast paced. I loved the commity, everyone I came across were very nice, no abuse, all nice down to earth people.

I have nothing else to say about PSN it is flawless, were Wiiconnect, well, needs alot of work.

Untill next time:


What have i been saying all along?

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I just logged in, Zelda review was on the homepage. the review took a while to load. Then i was greeted with 8.8 What have i been saying all along?

To be honest, I am by no means suprised by this at all. I played the game, I made a blog entry on it. I saw flop on the horison. Yet many people disagreed. Lauged at me etc. Well there you have, correct all the while. Once again, I predict correctly.

Red steel, hyped AA even AAA by some but guess its score?
5.5! Ha again! All the sheep used Red Steel to showcase the wii's graphics. It got a 6 in graphics.

So looks like the fun factor is lost. Looks like the wii's main game flopped. Now why buy a wii? I really don't understand why.
Yours truely:


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