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Some...Random...Thoughts..About...PC and Console Development.....

Today I was reading Wikipedia on information about graphic cards, then I came across a article that mentioning DX 11(Direct X 11)……

Some games will support DX 11 in end of this year or next year such as Drit2(PC), Stalker: Call of Pripycat, Crysis 2. I mean it's cool, I looked at features on DX 11 and compared it with DX 10, there are quite a lot of graphic support changes, and it sounds really great.

Only the problem is DX 10 was not even popular, not even half as DX 9. I mean there are games support DX 10, but not many, there are like just…. 40+ games that support DX 10,most of the games are still using DX9 with shader 3.0, and I don't know for how long it's going to take for majority games to support DX 10 or even 11? 2 years? 5 years? Feel free to predict and tell me.

Ok, so, DX 11 will be coming out, along with Windows 7…..I can't say that's a bad thing, I mean It's great, graphic technology is still going on, and we will have some awesome graphic boost again. But unless some "eighth generation console" starts to surface and optimize base on DX 10 or 11, I seriously don't think DX 10 or DX 11 will even be noticed by the majority of the gamers.

The reasons behind this are simple. If you want to have high graphic experience, first of all, you are going to look for DX, there are games running on Open GL but only a few, (Penumbra is a great looking game with open GL, and with amazingly graphic performance.)So, if you want to have better graphics, you got to look for DX 10 or 11. But not, with crappy graphic card like 7000 or 8000 series you will never going to have maximum graphics on you PC! So you are going to pay more. The graphic hardware companies producing some great stuff but selling them at incredibly high price so every reasonable person will still stick to console and forget about high-end graphic cards. But current consoles only support DX 9.0, so what game developers gonna do? Stick to DX9! This is what I mean DX 10 and 11 with not get popular soon; at least not until future consoles or the price of the graphic card went down.I think seventh generation console will still last till late 2012,there is no way that for gamer to change console for every 3 years or so as the price of the console are getting more expensive.

So…I really think these DX 10, 11, are a bunch of **** that will not get to anywhere. DX 10 was vista only, but till now, there are more people using XP more than Vista (at least in my country).DX 11 rumored will go along with Windows 7, yeah…we will see how it fairs when Windows 7 hit the market. I was hyped up on DX 10 when Bioshock came out, and after that I just heard nothing from DX 10.Yeah, Crysis supports it and Assassin's creed supports it, but what about majority of games? They are not. While you can see the between DX 9 and 10, but they are not so obvious compared to DX 8 and 9. A good example is the game Stalker, which is not an old game, and it supports DX 8. You actually can see a lot of difference on lighting and shadows when you switch between DX8 and 9, but if you see game like Bioshock (Crysis been an exemption as it only supports maximum graphics on DX10), there are no significant difference at all.

About consoles, I don't know, I'm certainly not an expert here, I don't know when eighth generation console will come out, but I know one thing is they will be late due to a lot of technology constrain. Think about it, now PS3 and Xbox360 already emits so much heat, and if you familiar with graphic cards, they are so big and so hot even with the big-ass fans on, if you Sony Microsoft puts some current graphic card technology into the future consoles, and using current heat exhaust method, it WON'T last long. I'm not saying it is not possible, but it will be hard. Price will also be a problem as PS 3 was already selling for 600+ when it came out, the future consoles will only gets more expensive, not cheaper. Consumers will not going to buy it if a console cost them like 700~800 dollars and it gets overheat often. And that's why I usually say, console will last at least till 2012.

Well...That's some thoughts about current …well….random……thoughts……

Thank you for reading this….Please note that I'm no way near expert to graphics and game developments, so I might make mistakes here and there, if I do, I apologize. LOL.

- =hmmm.......

I got a PS 3 about month i'm busy at work & busy at home playing

Notsure why but I realise ps3 lacks of good FPS game. Been a tatical shoot fan myself, I found most of PS 3 exclusive FPS games are not to the level of what I expected.

I don't like COD or Halo or gears of war....Operation flashpoint and Delta force, GRAW and stealth base games are my best company.

So unless something impress me....I really have no interest of any FPS exclusive for PS3...

Operation flash point dragon rising should be out today....gonna get it and try....I hope it will be good.....

Some rant......

After stick to PC and its games for so long, I finally want to give consoles a try. I looked up a lot of information on Xbox 360 and PS3, and I thought why not buy myself a nice TV to replace the old generation grandpa TV I got in my room….

Both consoles seems only support direct X 9 and shader 3.0, and performance wise some said Xbox 360 is better than PS3, but I also notice the hardware failure is a pretty common thing for Xbox 360, however, elite seems using a different chipset, the "Jesper", that significantly reduced the failure rate…

I'm ok with both console's price…In Singapore, Xbox elite sells for $499 and PS3 is $699 for 80G I think, there isn't much of difference in price, (think about it, the difference is only 1-2 games), especially now direct x 11 is coming out and both console still stick to 9 and shader 3.0….

It's a bit late to get a Xbox 360 I know, but well...I don't think Microsoft will come out a new console in another 2 years time…If I would stick back to PC, I have to a new computer, and one graphic card will cost me 500+ ….So, I'm not losing anything here…

Then I looked up a bit more, called some friends who just got themselves good HD TV, and it turns out that I can buy the console with no problem, but I don't have the money to buy a new TV, or to purchase new games to fill up my game addict…..

I mean, Gee, I'm a student, I don't own a house in Singapore, I rent a room in HDB, and I have to feed myself…And if I want to have fun in my life by getting a good TV, it will cost me 1K+!!!

And the game price is really crazy…To be fair if I get paid like 2K or 3K per month, I won't even **** about this, but in Singapore, polytechnic student DON'T paid well! In average we only get like 1.4K when we graduate...That is provide you can find a job….

AND Polytechnic graduates are 70% of the student populations…another 30% are university students, they are good, happy and nerdy…yeah you get the picture; university student in Singapore is not rare buy considerably less amount the average citizens…

Think about it, PC games are usually $61.9 when it hit the store, and then if it is not a doing well, it gets' price reduced to something like 47.9,in then less than a year or more , heroes or steam will get the game's publisher rights and starting to sell the game with less than $20… However, PS3 games are $80+ minimum, they never reduces the price, or even they reduce, it's like 10 dollars….Xbox 360 games are slightly cheaper but still, you can't get a game for $19.9..never…

So, I wanted to get the GTA 4 for Xbox 360 (The pc version is VERRY POORLY optimized), Army of two, which was only for Xbox 360 and PS 3; Far cry 2 (my laptop can't take far cry for anything higher than medium…..); Mirror's edge (Which I have as well, but then again, or I think even worse…anything beyond low my laptop will starts to complain….), Tomb raider underworld. (I got this very cheap, about 12 dollars only, but again, very poorly optimized for PC, and the downloadable contents are only for Xbox…), I also want to try Halo and GOW series…. If one game causes my 69.9, that's about the price of Xbox elite, just great.

On the other hand…GTA 4 in PC sells for 61.9; left out the army of two, far cry 2 if you are lucky you can get it less than $40; Mirror's edge now dropped to 40 something… TRU I get it for 12 dollars…I mean you plus other games like Stalker, or Oblivion , you spend less than half of the money for PC games than Xbox 360s…I'm not even talking about PS3…Which is really pain in the Ass….

Anyway, this is just some little rant I got over these few days research and comparison…I'm still interested to buy a elite…but I'm not going to buy a TV, maybe monitor instead. Provide that If I can get a good game store sells reasonable price……


I wanted to finish the review on GRAW 2 (PC) and start working on Hitman Series....but I haven't got enough time and actually I think my late night working habit is actually killing my body.... I used to run 7 km 3 time in a week but now I'm just too tired to my left leg injuries..I feel like I need to hospitalised a few day so I can recover....zzz.....

Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter PC version Review

I didn't play the original GR series, but I heard from some friends that they were great, so when GRAW came out, I thought I give it a try. I had great hope for this game, but however I was wrong… A lot of things don't feel right…..

I will not discuss about the plot as I think it's pretty self explanatory and this is something you really have to play the game to find out. There is nothing wrong with the plot of GRAW; it takes place in the future where there is a civil war going on in the Mexican border and Ghost team is set to save the day.
Overall this game gives you a very realistic feeling, you can kill enemies by one shot, and you can die the same way too. The guns were very nicely done, they look great and detail in the first person view and I love when you change the fire mod you can actually see you character changing it. Weapons sounds very realistic, the assault rifles have very high recoil, a few shots can send your cross hair into the air so the practice right firing mod at the right distance is very important in this game. Unfortunately there aren't many guns to choose from and most of the time you will stick to the same old rifle throughout the mission.

The music fits right into the atmosphere you feel the tension when you engage the enemies; the ambient sounds of the street are awesome .The voice acting is ok, you don't get to hear much of conversation anyway, the soldiers speak with native language, and they will response to attack by shouting towards each another.

I like the introduction where you jumped out form the plan and you get this massive view of the city, the pilot tells you the current situation and your objectives. It gave me the impression that I can complete the mission in any mean I want, but this is not what I can do in the game. The level design itself is pretty limited, you don't really get to explore the whole city, and if you explore (like me), you will end up with blockage or dead end very often. This makes the gameplay more or less linear. (Maybe I'm asking too much but I think in real life, when you engage in heavy defense, you would like to choose circle around the city and avoid confrontation as much as possible. This is, a tactical shooter after all, and I believe the Ghost 's duty was not really to clear out the hostile troops.) There are, however, alternative routes specially "designed" for those of you who don't like face to face engagement, but however the reaction of AI is very fast and you will get pined in a location very often with no possible solution but to charge at enemy.

You can't interact with things, that's fine, you can't going into buildings, that's…..well, understandable due to the year this game was released but still this is something I feel it will be great if they added in. You can't jump. Yes, you can't. This wouldn't be much of a problem if you can climb, but no, you can't. Often I find my character get stuck with the small block of obstacles which I have to walk around instead of just…step on it and walk over it….. You don't have binoculars, that's just lame, and your only method of surveillance the environment is by pressing tab brings you to the satellite command view. Don't get me wrong, the satellite command view was brilliant, but it kind of makes me feel like cheating and I really like to spot enemy by myself , it makes me feel like I'm really in the army instead of using some high tech cheating devices.

The control is awful…. The number keys (1, 2, 3, 4, etc) is not for changing guns but to selected your ghost members ; F brings up the weapon selection menu; ctrl is for crouching which is fine but you expect to press it again to stand up, no, you will go into prone and you press it again your character will not get up!....If you played BF2, and then you witch to GRAW, you will have a hard time remembering all the keys. Even if you did there is no guaranteen that you are not going to press the wrong button when you get ambushed or in a hurry. (like I played far cry 2 and vegas 2 for while then swith to GRAW and arh!...I pressed 1,2,3 for gun selection....)

The AI is broken. Your team mates are useless. They have no intelligence and sense of danger, sometimes when you ask them to go one location and he will end up facing backwards. They shoot when they are under cover and they won't shoot when they spoted enemies. On this other hand, the enemies shoot very accurate, sometimes they can spot you through walls .They react very quick when alerted, I've even been flanked for a few times.When you think you have the element of surprise but most of the time you really don't. You can't stealth in GRAW, this even worse when during one of the night mission where enemy literally saw me , and he only had a flashlight…I was like 80 meters away from him and I'm no way near the light source…You have a silencer add-on but that's only for the look. OK I admit it has some uses, fewer enemies will notice your presence but what's the point anyway, most of the time you will engage them and kill EVERYBODY in your path, it's not like you only going to take out a few bad guys and avoid confrontation or something like that.

I mentioned that one shot can really kill you, so you can say a team of four people can't really match a whole chunk of bad guys if they are able to spot you hundreds of meters away, not to mention that you DON't have binoculars!.... You will die a lot. The tactical aspect of this game is broken due to dumb team mates and clever AI, and these makes the difficulty unforgiving.

My conclusion is, try not to play it if you are not a hardcore fans to the franchise. This game is not going to suit everybody, and even if you brought it you might not have the patients to set through to the very end, I gave it overall 5/10 for the bad AI and gameplay, and this sums up my review for GRAW PC version.

PS: try console version... They are not as bad as this crappy PC version.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review

Since I can't post review on the specify games yet, I decided to post it here. This is my thoughts about vegas2.....anyway next time I think I will syn game review for my blog, since I got another blog to write about my own life LOL....

Well, enjoy....If you disagree with some of my opinion, feel free to leave some comments.......


I would like to start by saying I love this game. It's one of those that I've played for years while still like it and still playing it till these days. Thou I love this game, but It is not perfect, I will give a balance and constructive review as much as possible.

Please note that I played vegas 1 as well, and I fully understand that in terms of game play and other things these 2 games are similar, but in this review I will only reference vegas 1 and gives fully details descriptions of what I thought about the game play, AI, etc.

I will start by saying graphics. 7/10. While my old computer is not really that good now, but it still can run games like Far Cry 2 and Crysis, so generally compares to games like that graphic for Vegas 2 is just average. Nothing special, the shadow and shader is just average, although overall it is still a nice looking game. Sounds: The weapons sound quite realistic, but I have to admit, in the place I stay I can't really get hold of real weapons, but I do played pistols in shooting range before, and I think the sounds of the weapons are pretty close to how they sound in real life. I like the terrorists interact with each other and occasionally having some very funny conversation, however most of the music was taken straight form Vegas 1 … which overall for sound gave it 7/10 for sounds too.

Game play: The game play is great. You get to operate in both close and open space, which I think is an improvement from the first game, and Vegas 2 is more focusing on the CQB. You can customize your character, female version of bishop looks tough and kind of sexy, male version of Bishop….I can't get over with the voice…which I will tell you why in the story section…The fire fights are enjoyable, heavy and intense, cover system was well designed just like the Vegas 1, and there aren't so many keys to remember and the controls are swift and responsive, it feels like I'm really shooting a gun, and killing a lot of bad guys just a very great experience, it make you feel like you are a special forces guy and saving the day, oh yeah! XD…… The AI design however flawed, but I will touch on that later on. Terrorist hunt is a bit messy due to random position of the enemies, and it shouldn't be called terrorist hunt but rather feel like the terrorists and trying to hunt you down LOL, but it's fun and exciting, because you never know when the bad guys will just pop out from somewhere and shot you. Unlike Vegas 1 which only offer lone wolf for single player, now you can bring Mike and Jung alone and let them watch your back. Vegas 2 has a better online gaming community so multiplayer was great too, but considers that this is a 1 and half year old game, and I myself stopped playing online, good luck finding someone hosting a match.9/10 for the game play.

Weapons: there are many weapons in the game, and most of them actually behave differently. Different assault rifles feel different, and you get a lot of guns to choose form which is pretty amazing. I find there is no difference in bullet velocity for most of the guns and I think realistic ballistic curve is not featured in this game either. But anyway, you don't need that as you can't find yourself a position to engage your enemies longer than a range of 150 meters, so I guess we don't need realistic bullet velocity and ballistic anyway. The add-ons for weapons are cool, most of weapons can add scope, silencer and other stuffs on it, player can choose different combinations of guns and add-ons to suit their own playing **** 9/10 for the weapons.

Story: Man, this is where it starts getting a little disappointed. First off all, male Bishop's voice is obviously played by Michael Ironside, which IS THE VOICE ACTOR FOR SAM FISHER! Been a Splinter cell fan myself, I just can't accept the face that that his voice pop up on one of other Tom Clancy franchise characters. Also, there are things does not really fit what's been told form the previous games, John Clark suppose to be six but in Vegas 2 it was Chavez…… the time line mismatch between Vegas 1 and 2; Logan doesn't looked like the Logan in Vegas 1, and generally I felt that the idea of Gabriel been the badass super villain was just simply wrong. His motive of doing all these bad things is dumb and stupid. He went crazy because Bishop didn't save him in 2005? What's that have to do with killing innocent life? Rainbow six was suppose to be one of the best anti terrorist unit in the world, and this guy got somebody killed in the first mission which clearly showed that this guy should be simply kicked out form the rainbow team, and Bishop or Chavez (I don't know who made the call, but probably this tow) recruited him ? Gee…Maybe I read too many novels about rainbow six, but this storyline just failed big time for me.3/10 for this one.

AI : AI is kind of weird, but it really takes time and a lot of experience to play online with other human player to determine it. They shot accurately, and they are pretty smart that knows to flank you or lay suppressing fire, but sometimes they charged through the same doors, same ropes and same ladders one after another. You can stack the dead body of your enemy as tall as yourself in many of the T hunt maps. AI doesn't behave like real human with real intelligence, everything they do feels like scripted. What even worst is that I don't know why, but spawning system is adapted to the game just like Vegas 1. Unlike previous rainbow games, where enemies are loaded along with the maps, this time round, AI will spawn only when player enter certain area. It's fun if you treat Vegas 2 as a pure FPS, but the problem is this is supposed to be a tactical shooter! If you adding spawn system to the game, it will only makes the players not caring and planning on the start of assault, and they whole gun fights sometimes can get very messy. 7/10 for the AI design.

Overall I gave Rainbow Six Vegas 2 an 8/10. It is an enjoyable game, it's not perfect, but it's definitely a good game. I just hope that they can correct all these flaws and makes a better Rainbow six game next time