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Why do shcools teach us unwanted material

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I mean seriously I was thinking about it and how many times are u going to end up needing world history in the course of engineering. How many times are u going to use Calculus and Algebra in the course of your life. Not only that but u spend 5 years in elementary, 3 in middle, and 4 years in High school just so u can go to collage and then study for 4-7 years to get a degree and then work for the rest of ur life or until ur 80 and cant get some ( If you know what I mean). This all makes you think about how much life sucks and how much time u wasted in school. There's food for thought.

I got a job at U of M

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Hey everyone I got a job as a lab assistant in U of M. My dad hooked me up and its so cool. The professor even lets me do experiments. And they have a giant oven called the autoclave used to sterilize things wooot. I'm posting this from U of M too.


Hey guys I'M Back

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Sorry I've been gone so long. I have a resonable explaination.

School Work.

Yes School is the reason I have not been on so my sincerest apologies


Thanks giving is almost here.

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Thanks giving is the time of the year that u get to stuff ur self with deleoud food. When i first can to america in 2000 i didn't know what thanks giving was but now that i have been here longer i know that Its a very special day. Im thank full for food, my parents, and all my friends. What are u thankful for?

 turkey, ur life depends on it.

creepy sasuke

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I mean come on he has hands coming out of this f'in back. I mean how desperate can u get to draw arms for wings. Some one get these people fired. the new sasuke looks pimpen

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