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movies coming soon

these are the movies that i heard are gonna come out

x-men origins:magneto,spiderman 4,captain america,batman 3,hulk 3,thor,the avengers,ant-man and green lantern

villians in batman 3

hi as we know riddler will be in number 3[if you saw my other blog] but also rumoured that talias al ghul[or something like that],harlequin and catwoman are gonna appear in number 3.

for pics check my album "batman 3" in my images8)

infamous 2

Hey everyonejust in case you haven't noticed there will be an infamous start saving if you want to get will have plenty of time its due 2011.and you who have played and passed infamous it will be the villian you see at the end of the game.if you haven't passed or played number 1 you better finish [and if you want to get it before number 2]soon.sometimes it comes quickly.CANT WAIT8)