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Has anyone else noticed this wasn't happening to you before the 9/30 site update?

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@McStrongfast: This is spot on. The higher profile GG people keep saying it's about ethics in journalism and not opposition to inclusiveness in the gaming industry, but all you hear from their rank and file is opposition to inclusiveness in the gaming industry.

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Comments sections below articles don't show about half the time. Reloading the page does not fix the issue. If I come back later they might display. I think this has been happening since the last update on 9/30. Using Chrome Version 37.0.2062.124 m on Windows 7 Professional.

Also, in IE 9.0.31 Page layout is completely borked. It's ignoring style sheets:

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People seem to judge other groups based primarily on the dicks in the group. I think that's why Buddists and Hundus don't get the negative view that Evangelicals, Muslims and Atheists do. The lesson is don't be a dick. Being a dick includes being dismissive, condescending and disrespectful, not just thinking you and your group are better than everyone else and everyone else must believe as you do.

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Chop up some trees and craft one.

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You can solo to max level but you can't solo the entire game. There is going to be content made for 3,5,20 or more people you'll need a group to see. From what I saw in Beta, it doesn't come up until later in the game.

When you talk about getting through the entire game in an MMO you're talking hundreds of hours. You're going to need to generate at least 3 characters to see all three faction's exclusive content. There are no credits, the game never ends because the world persists without you.

MMO's are designed to suck you in and keep you playing. They expect to put out new content on a regular basis and if you want to get to the best rewards, you can expect to put in a lot of time. There is no replaying the entire game at a higher difficulty level, MMO difficulty is fixed for everyone. It tends to be on the easy side because there is no such thing as saving your game in a persistent online world. If you do get killed though, it will never be cheap. You'll know exactly why you died and it will probably be because you tried something stupid. ;)

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@acd2: Agree. If you're reading comments it also yanks you away to the comments for the next video.

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