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The Last of Us Review

The Last of Us review is the latest one here on Gamespot to produce a totally unwarranted and bewildering backlash of hate against the reviewer.  Why?  He dared to call a game "Great" and give it the associated score of 8.0 and was not in line with most of the rest of the reviewer community who are gave it perfect or near perfect scores.

If you're getting getting livid over one review score being slightly below the rest you need to step back and ask yourself why.  Maybe you have too much of your self worth invested in things you want to love.  (Want to, mind you, because no one here has played it yet.)  You're also displaying signs of adolescent black and white thinking.  Any creative work isn't either a magnificent achievment or terrible.  Try to understand there are gray areas and different people have different opinions. If you think the review is "wrong" I hope for your sake you never disagree with the general opinion on anything or your head might explode.  (Also, hint: an opinion can never be wrong.  Right and wrong are reserved for facts.)

This all seems kind of obvious to me, but it never cease to amaze me the way so many people react when a review doesn't tell them what they want to hear.  if just one person meditates on this and starts to see the forest and chills out, thereby avoiding stress induced high blood pressure and stroke, my effort will have been worth it.