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Saving the Playstation Vita

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I think Sony has only sold about 1.2 million Playstation Vitas, so they need to do something fast in order to get a critical mass of systems out there to attract buyers and in turn attract developers.

A price drop on the system itself would help, along with either bundling a memory card or dropping the price on those as well. People just can't wrap their heads around paying as much or more for a handheld as they do for a regular console. When you figure in the price of a memory card, the Vita costs more than a PS3. The games themselves are overpriced at $40 or more each, but that's more or less comparable to 3DS games (not DSi games). The prices on these games seem to drop more slowly than games for other systems, regardless of how popular the game is. The downloadable games could also use a price drop - $15 - 25 for an old PSP game is ridiculous. Finally, Sony needs to add Vita to PlayStation Plus or make a seperate PS+ just for Vita and give members the "instant game library" and free games, even if they're PSP games, Minis or PSOne classics.

Also, in terms of usability, the game store on Vita is awful - As it stands each game only gets a cover shot and a short description, they don't even have screen shots. What they really need is to have gameplay and trailer video and better yet demos. The 3DS has all of these, and the store itself has a much better aura of flash and flair than the Vita's sterile lists. If you visit PSN on the Web, you would think the Vita doesn't even exist. Case in pont, they have surveys asking you about your gaming habits and system(s) and they don't even include Vita.