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Microsoft Has Forgotten

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It seems like we're reading near daily news stories about how Microsoft's XBox One is anti-consumer and designed to make money rather than as a means to play games. The latest being the declaration that the console was designed for advertising ( ). Ignoring the monumental stupidity of making a atatement like that in the hostile environment Microsoft is currently faced with, the most remarkable thing about the fiasco is how gamers are as universally united as any Internet commuity can be against Microsoft's vision for the future.

Nerd Riot

I'm several years older than the average gamer and I've seen how the gaming industry has been going downhill for years specifically because big business is focused on money and not art and innovation. Mind me, youngsters, I know what I'm talking about (and get off my lawn). Back in the day individuals and teams of people wrote games as a labor of love. They expanded, innovated and grew the hobby at a rate that seems phenominal today. New mechanics, new genres and new IP were common. They put what they wanted into their work without marketing teams discussing every detail with focus groups and statisticians.

Now that the megacorporations focused primarily on making money for their shareholders have taken over we have annual releases of the same boring shooters, almost all games targeted at hormonal teenage male mentality, shorter games, piecemeal DLC instead of complete games and/or true expansions, microtransactions, advertisements, information gathering for marketing purposes... and the list goes on. When is that last time we saw a new genre? What passes for innovation these days is putting roleplaying elements into shooters or developing a title where the gameplay comes disturbingly close to watching a movie.

So what else is new?

Even though this has been going on for years, the level of opposition to the XBox One is strikingly widespread and persistent. Why has the backlash taken so long to ferment? As I see it, the difference with the XBox One and the reason gamers are so up in arms is that Microsoft was arrogant, and they showed their cards and vocalized their primary motivation. Heck, they didn't even try to sell what they were planning as something more palatable. Gamers are rightly insulted and disappointed by the way they're being viewed as mindless consumer drones and reacted accordingly (if not always appropriately) resulting in the incredible reversal MS made to their plans.

Who manages whom?

Gaming, unlike TV, Movies and music has always been a culture and a comradeship as well as a medium. The backlash against Microsoft encouragingly shows it's still true. MS has forgotten it to their peril, if they ever really knew it.