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Gaming update. Sup?

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Hey guys, Hope you all had a great Easter. I spent my Easter with my family; had a brilliant lunch and then cleaned. My parents bought me Socom 4 for cleaning so well. :D

So far, I like the game a lot. I never played any of the other ones, except the PSP ones, which I enjoyed. I'm a tad bit dissappointed that PSN is down because Socom has some pretty intense MP I've heard; however, I am really surprised at how good the singleplayer campaign and custom missions are.

Every mission you get to select your equipment and unlock attachments by getting kills.

I'm not gonna go super indepth but I like it a lot. so far 8.5 out of 10. Other points may be obtained if mP is any good.

Anyone else questioning where the SEALS are? I've only seen Spec ops soldiers.

Wow, really fellow Americans?

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To all the ignorant american history bluffs saying that the Tsunami in Japan is revenge for Pearl Harbor, you're really stupid. Pay your respects, it's not cool or funny. It is a disaster. Let the past be the past.

Few new clips to show you guys, and an opinion

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What's up guys? Hope you all had fantastic holidays! Alright, I think i will post more because I got a new laptop! anyway.. here are a few clips from theatre mode I managed to get in multiple games on Call of Duty, they will just be links.. This one has a quick double kill, then an insane triple, also near the end look down in the right corner, CHOPPER GUNNER! This one is only 7 seconds, but it is pretty cool. No idea how I got so lucky though :P

Now, I'm going to rant. I have played quite a bit of Call of Duty: Black Ops, and I just don't like it that much. I will start with the positives.

Positives: Great campaign, Fun Zombie mode, incredible menu set up, Theatre Mode, Split-screen online play, combat training.

Negative: Multiplayer was a total letdown.

You all know why CoD is such a popular game; Multiplayer. When i play Black Ops, I really dont have fun anymore. The CoD points are lame. Why? There is no thrill when you unlock a certain attachment, camoflauge; You just purchase them, and i find that incredibly boring. The game plays slow, it doesn't flow very well. And yes, I think the graphics aren't the best. The backround constantly flickers, the maps are incredibly boring,the gunsare boring, and gamemodes just aren't as fun as they used to be. I hate that the game is only fun with other friends; it should be fun regardless. I love earning things, not just buying them. Oh, and the only guns anybody seems to use are the FAMAS and the AK-74U with a grip and attachment-- It's beginning to be like the UMP45 from Cod MW2. Now, Theatre mode is probably the coolest thing I have ever seen. Now I don't have to buy an HD-PVR to record my games!

On that note, please don't leave this blog thinking I am an 'infinityward' fan boy by any means. I think Treyarch did some pretty neat stuff on this game, but it wasn't as good as the previous games. I loved WaW. Just because I liked CoD4 and MW2 the best out of the console ones does not make me a fan boy.

To end this, I just wasn't that impressed with Black ops, and just give it a 7. It was just about "average" for me.

Sorry for the rant, but I hope you enjoy the Vids! Take it easy,


The new news.

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Well, I haven't been posting that much, but i sure have been playing alot! On that note, i got black ops, and have been fiddling with the theatre. I am going to post vids of it on here, see what you all think! Anyway, hope all is well and if you wanna chat send me a message!


A few funny, not necissarily true things I've learned In all my years of COD.

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Guys, remember these are supposed to be funny, not trying to point fingers :P.

1. Mute any player with excessive "x" and backwards letters, ex. XxD3AdLYSNIPEZxxxSDFKWEJFkj

2. I'm going to use the same example gamertag as above. They are NOT GOING TO USE A SNIPER! they will use an Ump45 or some other smg, wait I can't say ump... It shoots farther than a .50 :D

3. Mute little kids. they talk and talk and trash the crap out of you. It'll only make you mad!

4. If they misspelled their gamertag on purpose like XKDIJonTRAViLTA, they are a toolbox.

5. If they have the 10th emblem with the spinning skull, they are going to suck.

Just a few funny observations in the life of COD. Please post some more below guys!

take it easy, GFLEMM : )

My bad..

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Hey guys, Im sorry I havent been posting very much, or even looking at blogs. I guess im bored of gamespot. would you all hate me if i took a break?

Microsoft E3 impressions

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Kinect: Sorry guys, but its just a wii peripheral. WOH, no controller?? I don't find it very impressive.

Slim 360: I really like this, especially because my xbox has been broken. I hope this system doesn't die of fatal error or the infamous 3 red rings. The hardware seems much more sleek and "new". I definitely will be picking one of these guys up in the near future; one question, didn't playstation just do this?

Call of Duty: Black ops: I must say that call of duty games don't have a whole lot of change that is promising. They are all beginning to be the same game, different story line, different guns, and different time period. It's just getting boring playing a game that I have felt I have played before.

Overall, I was pretty dissappointed. The Slim looks sweet, but everything else looks the same as what i have seen before.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it! :D

Take it easy guys,



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Well, my xbox is still broken. But, MAG is AMAZING!!!!! I can't play much 'till Tuesday because it's my last day of school. As you may already know, finals suck.

well, see 'yall later!


What the heck, Microsoft?!

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Okay, my xbox broke. again. Words can't describe how angry I am. It isn't red Rings of Death. My xbox still runs and I can do the dashboard. I can't play games. Every game I put in, it says "reading disc" for 2 seconds, and then it say Open tray. Any suggestions on what I should do? I see vids on Youtube about it, but Im not sure about those. Any suggestions would be great.

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