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Games that should be on Wii U

It's classic. You buy a console according to some analysis you made about graphics and some exclusive titles that you like most. But there's one game that you really want to play but it's on another console that you don't own. In the case of Wii U, which is a very especific family/younger games console, some titles could work so much better if they were in the console that was meant for them. Here's the bastard's son:

- Ni No Kuni: Wrath of The White Witch

Ghbli animation with some pokemon RPG style. A child as main character trying to save his mother through magic. How come this is not in a Nintendo console?

- Kingdom Hearts franchise

Almost all Disney movies in the game should be enough reason for this game to join Nintendo. Maybe it's Square Enix share that push the game to PlayStation... but still, they're in the wrong console.


It seems that Nintendo is not the place for Indies, at first sight at least. Maybe it's because Nintendo never really gave the right support for developers, who knows... But the truth is FEZ is so Nintendo in his own way that had to be on Wii U. Why is so Big N? Follow me: Platformer? Check. Innovative way of playing, changing from 2D to 3D? Check. Cartoonlish design? Check. Collect colden squares (instead of golden stars or coins)? Check. Small character but almost parkour sportist? It's the albino version of Mario! So, check... You see? Go to 3DS at least, please.

- Beyond Good and Evil

Pokemon snap everybody?... But with story, free control and the stealth that Nintendo needs in his games (and don't think of pulling link chrouching through walls in Forsaken Fortress out). And taking pictures with Wii U gamepad it's too awesome! Ubisoft, hear my prayers! I beg you!

- Banjo Kazooie

It will never happen, I know, but Banjo back to Nintendo it's the right thing to do, the honnorable thing...

- Katamari

Na naaaa, nanananana na Katamari Damacy y y y y yyyyyy... A game so nonsense like a plumder smashing floating bricks. It's Nintendo...

- Patapon

Only for the PS handheld... I can't buy a console for just one game, and nobody can deny that no kid plays on other handheld then 3DS, so... Put on 3DS and everybody get's happy.

- Okami (not bastard anymore)

Was first released on the PS2, but after Capcom buying Clover Studios, they figured the right thing. A wolfgod that walks in a paintbrush feudal japan and has the same RPG/Adventure mechanics as Zelda franchise is supposed to be on Wii. Period.

Did I miss any other game? Mention in the comments please. Thanks!