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i just tried to and it didnt work . I would imagine it will work later

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nice graphics but the story was slow and boring but i had a blast with the multiplayer one of the better multiplayers i have played seemed balanced and i never had any lobbys i would diconnect from

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the last time i checked the statistics i had i think three or four missions left and i was already at 20 hours and that was just story missions i never toured the city or did any side missions .Yesterday took me about 4 hours maybe a little less to finish the last few missions i had so about 24 hours i logged in .

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I had a blue,white, and now im using a red one its my favorite so far the red so nice looking . The next one i get is that jungle green with the black back it looks nice to

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i just beat this game yesterday beat all the loyalty missions and everything .i logged over 35 hours and other then the odd dialogue missing the game performed well for me no freezes and no corrupt data . I own a 120 gig slim btw

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this is how im set up i have a 23 inch lcd LG monitor and i use a hdmi cord from my ps3 to the monitor and then the monitor has a mic input where you would put headphones or speakers plug headphones or speakers in it and voila you have sound and picture .TC you should look for a monitor that has hdmi so its easier and most monitors have this nowadays . You dont need the rcas if you have hdmi

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they are awesome and i reccomend them i bought them for the same reason as the other guys to keep my wife and daughter asleep at night while i game but i have to say i woke them up lastnight by yelling i had the game volume up loud so i couldnt hear myself when talking into the mic and i guess i was yelling pretty loud lol cause i woke them both up

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I have just made it to mexico and beat about 4 missions .How far along do you guys think i am

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I use a Sharp Aquos 37 inch lcd .Its only 720 p thoe :cry: Im urgrading thoe at the end of the month to a samsung 120 hz 46 inch lcd :D

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Hey guys i was just wondering if i had to put the dashes in when i enter the code .Thanks in advance