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Oh yeah, Gamespot!

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I forgot about gamespot...

Anyhoo, things are all pretty good, looking forward to the release of Mario Galaxy, I think the UK release date is around the 19th.

moving house

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:cry:In a couple of days I'll be moving to Bradford, in west Yorkshire. Anyone live around that area? I'll be sad to leave Devon.

Also, I bought Puzzle Quest for the DS the other day, and it's brilliant! The blend of RPG and Puzzle gameplay works really well, I'd definitely reccommend it to anyone who owns a PSP or a DS.

Craaaaaazy weather

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Wow, it's been completely pissing it down all ove England this week, apparently Leeds city centre was completely flooded. This morning there was a freak thunderstorm! In Devon!

On a more game-related note, I just finished S.T.A.L.K.E.R. It was really good, like a cross between Deus Ex and Far Cry. I'll be reviewing it soon.

New gamespot video player

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The new player is excellent, I love the way users can now reccommend official videos instead of just user videos. It also works really well with the new version of IE (the one with tabs), allowing you to have several videos loading at once.

Farewell, P.C gaming...

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As you may have ascertained from the title of this post, I will no longer be upgrading my P.C.

It has simply become too expensive to run the latest software, and now that I have a 360 and a wii, I no longer have any need to do so.

On another note, the new Assassin's creed trailer is absoloute bo***cks. I want to see some bloody gameplay, not some slo-mo PR rubbish!

My new 360

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The 360 is pretty good, but I think there's something wrong with my disc drive, it's worryingly loud!!!

I currently have Burnout Revenge, Rainbow 6 Vegas and Tony Hawks Project 8.  Unfortunately, these games have really, really hard achievements, so at the moment I've only got 600 GamerPoints. I'm thinking of getting King Kong, because apparently it has insanely easy achievements.

Also, the weather is really, really nice here in South-West England. Yay!

Getting The 360!!!

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I just ordered the 360 off amazon! I'm getting Burnout Revenge and Gears of War with it. It should be coming on the 12th.

Over the last year, my opinion of the 360 has really changed a lot. A year ago, I wasn't interested in the 360 at all, the only game I wanted for it was Oblivion, but I got the PC version instead.

Now, there are at least 10 games that I am desperate to play. Gears, Lost Planet, Dead Rising, and of course... Halo 3. I wont be getting Live until probably July, but I do plan to upgrade to Gold Membership ASAP.

So yeah, this will probably be my last post for a while, on account of the excessive 360 gaming I will no dubt be doing.


new games

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Just ordered medievil 2:Total War off (which is really gd btw). Can't wait for Supreme Commander!!!!!

I have absoloutely no idea what wii game to get next, as they're all still full price, so I'd rather not buy a generic shooter.

I heard Far Cry Vengeance was just a wii-make of the original, anyone know if this is true??

Level 10!!!

by on

Yes! I reached level 10! Now I can upload videos!

I just got FRAPS, so expect some gameplay montages... Oh yes.

Red vs Blue

by on

Does anyone watch Red vs Blue??

I was just kind of wondering as I just saw the latest episode and think it's definitely back on form, after a poor start to season 5.

For the 3 people in the universe who don't know, RvB is a machinima web series comedy, made using Halo. It's completely free to watch, and absoloutely hilarious.

If you have any sense of homour at all, I completely reccommend it.

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