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considering maxwell cards of that level wont be here until the end of the year... yeah, i would say it is worth it. 450 dollars for a 780ti is an absolute steal. having SLIed 780ti's means you wont be upgrading for quite some time.

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actually no it isnt. its pathetic. moving on.

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well the game looks like garbage on XB1 so it really cant be the graphics.... if they are worse on the 360 i will honestly be suprised, because there are loads of other games that look WAY WAY WAY better..... like.... ANY of the gears of war games, even the first one made like 6 years ago.

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@wis3boi said:

I was playing a match of CoD ghosts on the free weekend just to laugh, and was gonna post a couple pics, but....I'd rather not ruin anyone's eyesight here.

screw it, you gotta see the garbage. This was hovering around 25-30fps, too.

there is either something wrong with your install or your computer, because i have played Ghosts and it -NEVER- looked that bad. i remember pretty much every spot you showed, and they do not look like that on my PC OR my XB1. COD Ghosts is by far the best looking COD in the series... but that really doesnt mean much because it is still far behind games like BF4.

you should honestly be bashing the game because it just isnt that good... not because of the graphics, which are still FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR better than Titanfall. if you wanna see shit graphics.... take a look at that game.

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game looks fantastic. good art style, decent enough graphics, tight gameplay with an excellent combat system, and it is focusing on all the right things to have longevity (content, raiding, dungeons, crafting, exploration, diversity).

if you cant like wildstar, then MMOs just arent for you. move along.

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he needs to just leave game development all together. he doesnt have the fortitude for it, and he is right, he is detrimental to the project.

dean hall is an idea man. his ideas exceed his ability though, and that is more destructive to a game than anything else.

its good that he is leaving, but HAHAHA to everyone that paid for the alpha. sure the game will be finished at some point, but im willing to bet a good number of people bought the game because of Rocket, and now that he is leaving.... lolz....

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Lenovo Y510p.... /thread

it is the best kept secret of laptop gamers. excellent power, half the price of other manufacturers.

• 4th Generation Intel Core i7-4700MQ Processor (2.40GHz 1600MHz 6MB)• Windows 8.1 64• 15.6" FHD LED AntiGlare with integrated camera (1920x1080)• NVIDIA GeForce GT750M (SLI) GDDR5 2GB• 16.0GB PC3-12800 DDR3L SDRAM 1600 MHz• 1TB 5400 RPM + 24GB SSD• Ultrabay SLI Graphics - NVIDIA GeForce GT750M (SLI) GDDR5 2GB• Intel 7260 b/g/n Wireless (2x2 BGN)• Bluetooth Version 4.0• One year• 6 Cell 72 Watt Hour Lithium-Ion

like $1150... it will play anything currently out, including battlefield 4 at, or very near max.

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the game is a cash grab, cash grabs have no money invested in the game design but marketing and only marketing

i dont think that is true.... respawn is a new studio. they need to establish themselves with a big franchise to ensure that they have a future. if anything, pushing out a cash grab game would hurt them in the long run.

i do find it extremely strange that the COD games, which are running on an engine that is just as old as source and these devs have ample experience with, have much better textures than titanfall. i have seen plenty of source games with stellar textures, so you cant tell me it is an engine thing. i have also seen many XB1 games, AND XB360 games with far better textures, so you cant tell me it is because of consoles. i really just dont get what the deal is.