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Yes... I am sad enough to own a copy of The Sims 3. It wasn't my idea, my husband bought it for some reason. Maybe it's the child in me but sometimes I have this desire to play with my virtual dolls every so often, and this morning I decided to take it to a new level and create a sim copy of myself. Took about an hour of copying facial features from Photo Booth and applying them to my new character, but finally I succeeded in making a sim avatar... and it looks dreadful. I really look like that in real life? I look like a fat old woman. I guess that's the downfall to eating too much junk food and too little exercise while on the computer. So I did a little playing around to see what I'd look like if I was thinner. Oh dear, now I look like a thin old woman. Maybe a different hairstyle... great, now I look like a school teacher! What if I applied that hairstyle to my current weight I wonder... hey, actually not too bad, I look less like a fat slob. Maybe I'll go get my hair done like that, I'll probably feel a lot better in myself. I'd feel better if I was half the weight I am now but that's something that can't be done in a day so I'm gonna have to make do with a new haircut. It's been ages since I had my hair done by a proper hairdresser so I guess I'm overdue. Great, now the sims is getting me to wanting to have my hair cut! I hope it doesn't get me to wanting to put on makeup and buying shoes, else I'd have to lose my alias as geekgirl101 and start calling myself fatblonde101.