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FFXI or WOW, really can't decide!

It's been a while since I posted on here, and since in that time I've done quite a bit of changes.  Several months back I went back to World of Warcraft after a long break and made yet another realm change to Thunderhorn.  This is I swear the very last move I'll ever make, and with the cross-realm whatchamacallit it's not like I'm out of things to do.  MOP zones are pretty active so it's not like it's dead, but there's something about WOW that's making me feel... ugh.  Yeah, that's the word, ugh.

I'm not sure what it is that's making me feel so drained.  Maybe it's the endgame and that it feels like there's nothing new because I've done it all before in LFR?  Maybe I'm feeling drained because some of the raids (especially the Throne of Thunder ones) are so "busy" that I'm having all my energy sapped out of me doing them?  Maybe I'm just getting bored of doing the same dailys and there's so damned many of them?  Maybe it's that getting to 90 is such a long drag that I'm groaning near the end of the day and praying "oh dear god please let it be over!"?  Or maybe it's all of that?

I'm concerned about me feeling this exhausted, and in turn it's making me turn to other games - including old ones.  So far I've tried Simcity 2013 and that was entertaining for a short while, but it's let down by so many bugs, a bad AI, and a very limited space in which to expand into a city.  I tried going to back to Grand Fantasia for a while, a game that I kind of enjoyed for an FTP RPG, but like most if not all FTP games it's full of young players who immediately assume "ur cute" because your avatar looks like a Japanese anime cheerleader with her nickers flashing under her belt-sized miniskirt.

And then last night I reactivated all my FFXI accounts.  I have to admit I missed that game, and I wanted to see what the new expansion was like.  I was surprised friends of mine were still playing that game.  I've not played much of it, but considering how many online accounts I got running at the moment I realised I wasn't going to be able to afford all of them at once.  I thought perhaps I could get away with it if I transferred one of the characters from the account that had only 1 high level on it to another.  Unfortunately due to the way FFXI is coded it's technically impossible to do a character transfer from one account to another, even if I own all of them.  Looks like I'm going to have to go back to basics and make a new character to replace it, ugh.

I need something new, and I'm hoping that FFXIV will sate that desire when it's released on open beta.  There's been whispers of good changes here and there and that SE is doing a complete overhaul of the engine that will address a lot of the issues and stuff that didn't go down well in the first release.  I'm quite anxious to see what's in store for the MMO RPG community because so far we haven't had a decent new MMO RPG in a while.