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Bye Bye Laggramar, Hello Twisting Netherlands!

I realised that Laggramar (Aggramar) realm on WoW wasn't gonna get any better - guilds barely having enough members to do regular raiding, pugs always doing below average performances and breaking up after the first wipe, and people just **** that the realm itself sucked badly. It was time for a move.

So I dug up a few realm census reports and after a bit of investigation found a realm with a good horde population (since I'm a horde), good ratings, and was one of the top 10 best EU realms. This was Twisting Nether. Now I'm not particularly fond of pvp which is why I went for a realm with a higher horde population, but I've been on Magtheridon realm once and to be perfectly honest you could write a 10-inch thick encyclopedia on reasons why not to roll on Magtheridon.

So far my view of the realm and battlegroup is that it's pretty good. Nearly everyone is doing heroic mode raids, which is a bit of a problem if you've never cleared non-heroic before. I have noticed though a lot of people just dropping out every other fight with no reason, and if you're farming triumph emblems they can get rather impatient with you in only wanting the last boss for the frost emblems.

I've only been on this realm a week but my impression is that I've made the right choice for once. I'm also in a guild that's progressing through 25 man ICC which I'm happy with, but with my network currently playing up this is the worst time it could do this while I'm on trial period with them. I'm hoping that my failing network card will not jeopardise my chances of becoming a full time member.