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I'm still alive ! + some news

Yep thats right .. :P the reason why i was off so much ? ... welll there are many :D ... 1)i got job ... now i'm doind audit, business consulting etc (sp ?) 2) i discovered WoW :P i'm hanging in wow for houres i know its not right but its the reality , the only way is to wait until i get tired of it. yeh and i'm on job only till sep 1 . .... Some News i'm soon going to finish the GOD DAMN lvl 20 !!!! do you like the new GS theme ? Oo . ... ... i think the old one was better :/

Looks Like i'm leaving GS

its already 2 weeks that i'm having a big bunch or problems in GS ... i cant make posts , can't rate and track games , can't read most of my PMs etc. recently it became hard even to log in , i dont know weather there is a glitch or i'm just getting banned (i didnt receved any PM from admins about getting banned :? ) ... anyway it realy looks like i'll have to leave GS :( ... i can't belive it happened now , when My Dream union become true , but life is cruel ... thanks everyone who supported the idea of GFXplosion , thanks GK you helped me a lot :) ... thanks everyone ... thanks you my friends it was a big plasure to meet all of you ! .. you'll be all missed , thanks and good bye ...

.. GD

[NEW] Designing Union

the union i was talking about is finaly formed .. its gonna be a place where all desgners of GS will come together ! the dreams some times come true :) .. join it now ! LINK


how many smiles are there in GameSpot forum system ? ... i was just wondering ... which one is your fav. ? ... which one you use most ?

here are the ones that i know ... if there is any i missed post it plz :D

:) :( :D :P :o :x 8) :shock: :| :? :lol: :oops: :cry: :question: :evil: :twisted: :roll: ;)

Off-GameSpot for a week :(

Durring this week my midterm exams are going to take place. i'm gonna have 7 exams in 4 days :cry: .. that S**ks ! and the exams are coing to be difficult so i said GOODBYE to my PC and now i'm telling it to you ... my last exam will be on Sat. morning , right after that i'll be back .. See ya ! :D

My first C4D Render!

recently made some trys in Cinema 4D ... it waS ORIGINALY BEETER ( :x ) but i had to decrese some effects in material to make it smaller 'cause it was taking too long to render it ... yet a pic ... i'll post the RENDER when i'll fing out how to upload such file :P


My Theme Change

i got borried .... :P i drew new theme . ive already new sig and new icon. if i they fit good i'll make aslo a new blog header and a new banner. (havent changed my banner for ages :| ) ... what else ... ? ... yeh today i tryed to do smt serious in Cinema 4D. after making the 3d object when i tryed to render it i faced a problem. :o even with low pix (800x600) it was going to take about 4-5 houres to complate :shock: . i got borried (again :P) and cenceled it.:( may be some day i'll have some free time and will render it :D ... anyway here are the new icon and sig 8)

i have already worked with this render before, but i like it a lot so i didnt stoped :lol:

i'm stuck ! :(

this lvl 20 wont end :x .. i'm already a month in it and only 37% ? ... awww .... i'll be here forever :cry: .. + some good news ... i got some new emblems ! :D
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