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New games and BF:BC!!

I'm sorry if i've missed anyone's blogs lately, but i've been busy with exams. They're almost over now so don't worry!

Anyways, i've got a few new games lately, some really good ones too. They are:

Assassin's Creed: I've been addicted for ages, i can't play anything else at the moment lol

GTA IV: I got the uncensored version off ebay, but i haven't got around to play it much because Assassins Creed is better.

BF:BC: This demo has put my expectations a bit lower, but it still has average graphics. The destruction is great though, i love blowing up wall with a nade launcher lol. Hopefully i'll be able to use more vehicles when i play it online.

Level up and Games Update!

Well, i thought i might as well blog again because i levelled up! I'm at 'I feel asleep' now, which makes complete sense, as i got up at 4.30am this morning to watch soccer, and i should really be in bed now. But no, i'll keep gamespotting :)

And if noone knew already, i got a few new games in the past 2 weeks.

Mario Kart Wii-So very fun to play, me and my friends have played this 4p non stop, and i love the new team races. But the punishing difficulty is back, so i can't pass 150cc, yet...

Army of Two(360)-Great coop game, just finished it, good gameplay and controls. Shame noone is ever on when i try to play online though....

Okay, i'll keep u posted on any news, thats if i have any.

I'm not gonna be active for a while.....

Some of you may have noticed that i haven't been on here much lately. This is because i have joined a new clan for 360 with only aussies. They have a large forum just for us guys from Oz so i have mainly been on that. I come to this site maybe once or twice a week now, so if i dont post on your blog dont worry,as i'll probably do it when i do go on, or i'm just on the other site. I'm sorry to all that might take me off your friend list, i'm still your friend though.....

And the site is, if anyone wants to know, is www.ausgamersunited.com

Job Interview....

I have a job 'group' interview at K-Mart next week. I finally got an interview at a place. If anyone has any tips for doing an interview it would be great coz i havent done one before, and i aint a loud person, more of a quiet smart guy lol

My subjects for the Semester...

They are....

-English, which is my fave class so far coz it has my friends

-Advanced maths, which as my friends but is gonna be hard

-Automotive engineering, my first project is to take apart an engine and put it back together

-Design, i like drawing lol

-IT software, i'm gonna make animations and games on the computer, yeah

-IT hardware, learn whats in computers and how they work and what they're made of

-RE, i only like it coz i get no homework (or at least i think) and i do go to church

Yeah, i think thats it, and school sucks too lol

School starts tomorrow......

Well, my holidays end today as my first day of school is tomorrow. If u didn't know already, i'm 15 and live in Australia, and our school years are different to other countries' ones. Well, i may not be as active on this site anymore as there will be homework, so i'll be lucky to get on 2-3 times a week. Anyway, i will be around sometimes so it doesn't really matter anyway, wish me luck

Australian Open -Tennis

Is anyone else watching the tennis other than me, coz i watch it everyday now while its on. Is it shown anywhere else in the world other than my country, or is there some tennis fans out there watching it?

XBOX Live Gold

Anyone know where I can get a subscription really cheap, coz mine runs out in a few days, and i need a renewal so i can continue my really poor pwnage of COD4.....Help me....

Rainbow Six Vegas

I just bought this game for my 360 for $25, and so far the controls feel so awkward and the setup of the screen and the gameplay feels really crap. Does anyone know if the game gets better and less stupid as u progress, because i am thinking of taking it back because my EB gives refunds within 7 days. I might just pass the next level to see if its good, but itdoesn't look likely

My Gaming 2007

This year was big year for me in gaming, i spent loads of money on hardware and software, and it was the year i got into the FPS genre. I decided to write everything ibought this year in gaming.

A Nintendo Wii, and extra games i bougt for it- Zelda TP, Mario Strikers Charged Football, Sonic and the Secret Rings=AUS$600

PS2 games-Battlefield 2 Modern Combat, Call of duty 4, Medal of Honor Vanguard, Sonic Mega Collection + =AUS$150

An XBOX 360 at Christmas, which i didnt buy. It included Forza 2, Viva Pinata and FEAR. I bought Bioshock and COD4=AUS$110

Nintendo DS games- Star Fox Command, Anno 1701 =$70

Yep, an expensive year, and i dont have a job yet so i'm low on cash, so i'll need some to buy the big ones in 2008

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