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Don't buy the physics card. I have a friend that bought one and he had nothing but problems. Then, when I did get it working for him, it actually made the frame rates slower when explosions happened. Seemed pretty silly to me.

UT3 Rocks, so does Crysis......No need to get mad. This morning Crysis buttered my toast for me....

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I have both AMD and Intel boxes of equal price and supposed power. I would get a Core2Duo if I were you. Good choice on Brand of Video card, however, I would go with the 8800GTS 320. Then you will be ready when directX10 gets a strong foothold, and if you build a rig that is SLI ready, you can add another 8800GTS later when the single one can't handle the games of the future. Don't skimp, you do get what you pay for.