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Anyway while I'm surprised at the users that are still here (the site's loading time is seriously awful, how do you stomach it) I guess that's it for me.

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All this is just unreal. I can't even make a topic about community which had 50 views, but none of those 49 thought to post in it? What? Seriously what the hell. Do I intimidate them or something?

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I seriously want to hear commentary on what the actors thought of that episode, especially after the recent interviews on season 4 from joel mchale and Abed.

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At least for me.

It totally takes a s*** on the entire goddamn premise of the show.

Seriously season 4 wasn't even that bad except for that, why writers why. That Jeff meeting his father episode was actually kinda nice development and growth.

But this episode... seriously the worst.

Why the f*** would Shirley and her husband not both go to pick up their kids, that scene literally made no sense whatsoever.

And there's so much contrived s*** like that in the episode.

I will admit though that Troy, once again, has a hilarious moment stealer in an otherwise abysmal episode: "I had to smile when I didn't feel like smiling. It hurts my mouth..."

Oh my god Annie's reaction and Troy's delivery just... just kills me. Kills.

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In the beginning of the movie Forest Whitaker says about the irish woman that she's "not his type" and then shows the protagonist a picture of him and Dil.

Lol that has a double meaning to it now after the fact.

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Well I don't deny it would have been nice to receive the intended shock that was meant to be like viewers in the audience did not 22 years ago.

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So glad that knowing the twist of a man pretending to be a woman didn't ruin the movie for me. I remember reading it somewhere, coulda been a cracked article or someone on here spoiling it for me, and was really peeved so I decided to just watch the movie.

It's really good. Anyone seen it?

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Holy crap is that a mod? Is a mod arguing pettily with a user instead of actually leading by example and being more of an adult?

What happened to this place.

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Is this the only place users flock to now? I made a topic on the general games board about pokemon colosseum, a game from a pretty popular series called pokemon, that no one posted in.

Is this site like, dying in terms of actual conversations and discussions on individual game boards and systems and stuff? What happened to this fallout desolated place.

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it's impossible to beat 100 trainers in Mt Battle! Literally impossible considering I've never EV trained (nor do I ever, ever want to) in my life.

How am I supposed to beat 100 trainers? I only have Pokemon from my Ruby save file, they're kinda meh-ish. I never got firered/leafgreen so I don't have Mewtwo, who used to practically solo for me in Pokemon Stadium days.

But I must have ho-oh. Can anyone give me a crash course, is that even possible to give a crash course to beat 100 trainers in mt battle? My poke experts who can take pity on me and help me out, go!