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Halo 4 Game of the Year Edition launching in October

All I have to say to all of you that argued there will never be a GOTY Halo 4 and there never was a GOTY for Halo: CE. First, yes there was a GOTY for Halo: CE. Second, go ahead and cry about having to spend money on a season pass, then find out that it doesn't include all DLC, all while I wait patiently for the entire game at a reduced rate.

Violent video games

War is more violent. 

Why don't we focus our time and attention on that first?  Once our government stops mandating kills, we can worry about the virtual ones they don't.

lost causes

Sometimes I think I am the patron saint... then I think, saints are associated with religion.  F#%^ that nonsense.


What most people are confusing memes with, are allusions.  For instance, a picture with a buch of birds flying around an airplane with the phrase "Zerg Rush" is an allusion.  By all accounts, it doesn't even need the phrase,"Zerg Rush", because the picture alludes to the idea.


I noticed in the last year everyone has been using the word meme... and it has been used incorrectly every time.  The word 'meme' was coined by Richard Dawkins in his book, The Selfish Gene in 1976(he also wrote The god Delusion).  Almost no one used the term until it become a word attributed to the internet, pictures and apparently gaming.  Now it seems that everyone uses the term but no one knows what it means.  It's like when the Republicans came up with Teabaggers and then had Merriam Webster's dictionary insert it into the lexicon and gave it a definition, when we all know it is not a political party.  Teabaggers are people that prefer a specific degrading sexual act.

A picture is not a meme, it is a picture.  An idea or a set of physical moveents that continue to be used by everyone are memes.  Think of the telephone game.  Someone says something to the first person and the next person repeats it on down the line.  The last person finally says out loud what the first person supposedly said, but it has changed.  The phrase or sentence the people are saying is the meme.  The fact that it changes over transmissions helps to delineate why it is a meme.  Like a gene, after multiple transmissions, it is slightly different than the original.

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