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Lego Star Wars: Complete Saga help

I have completed the story mode but I still hhave locked characters such as a few of the bounty hunters and ghost characters can any one me exactly what I need to do to unlock these please


Ocarina Of Time - Completed, Now To Continue With - A Link To The Past

So I finished Ocarina Of Time and founod Ganondorf/Ganon ridiculously easy...

I havent played many Legend Of Zelda Games but the handheld bosses seem to be harder than the 3D ones anyone else noticed that?

Anyway I am continuing with A Link To The Past and I am now on the Ice Palace.

Also I have Links Awakening DX and Ocrale Of Ages on the way and they should be here tommorow or Wednesday.
I already have Oracle Of Seaons and used to have Ages so I know what it's like but I don't know what Links Awakening is like so post opinions please.

Ocarina Of Time - Fishing Help

I suck at fishing on this game... I am almost ready to take on Ganon's Castle I just need the last two Heart Pieces.

The first one I need the to catch a fish that weighs 15 pounds or more to get the golden scale and then dive to the bottom of the pool in the labatory

The second one I need to catch a 10 pound fish to get the Heart Peice

But I just can't catch the big fish by the log sticking out of the water. Any Tips?

Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

I was clearing out my room a few months ago and found Ocarina Of Time one of my mates told me it was rubbish and I wouldn't like it so I just put in one of my draws and left it... yesterday I came across it again and thought I would give it a go, which I am glad I did because so far I have really enjoyed this game.

I am just about to start Jabu-Jabu's Belly so lets see how hat goes...

Also would anyone reading this recommend Majora's Mask? If so any idea where I can get it in the UK?

SSBB: Is my choice of character affected by tier lists?

I have seen this question alot in the forums latley....
I think most people will agree that the most popular tier list around belongs to Silverflash, this tier list can be located here

So here are my main and secondaries along with their tier (according to Silverflash)

Link --> Low Tier
I mained Link before I ever looked at a tier list, i'm a fan of the Zelda series So I just started playing as Link when I got the game

Zero Suit Samus --> Middle Tier
Well I needed someone as a secondary so whilst I was playing target smash ZSS was breaking all of my records so I tried her out in a few Brawls and liked her attacks the only let down with them is her final smash... But again this was before I had even looked at a tier list

Zelda --> High Tier
I guess this was partly because of the tier list, I wanted to main someone who was fairly high up in the list and Zelda has to be my favourite of them all that are High Tier or above so I tired her out and liked her moveset... Especially Dins Fire and she also has a decent Final Smash

So 33% of my character choice has been affected by tier lists

Finally Got My GCSE Results Yesterday!

So after a long wait after my exams the suspense was finally over... and i did well enough to get me into college so here are my results:

Buisness and Communication Systems - C
English Lit - D
English Lang - D
Maths - B
Science - C
Additional Science - C
Media Studies - C
I.C.T - B
History - E
R.E - E

Army Training Programme

So I started my training programme to get fit enough to join the army today...
I started off with the conditioning stage before I move on to the real thing, but i found it really easy... This is probably because of my three years in Taekwon-Do.
But i'm gonna stick to it before i move on to the next level.
The first level lasts two weeks then the next three last four weeks with increasingly difficult exercises then i'm gonna repeat level three until im ready to go into the army.

New Banner ^^^

I was playing around in photoshop yesterday and made this... it isnt very good but im new to photoshop and i still getting the hang of it

But... if anyone else has a better banner of Link and Zelda they would like to donate please feel free!

Please comment on what you think